25 Best Growth Mindset Bulletin Boards: Examples & Pictures

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Having a growth mindset has many advantages for children and young people
when it comes to building a good future. It makes them happier and more likely
to achieve their dreams.

If you are an educator,
there are many ways of introducing the concept of mindsets to students. This
can be done through lectures or classroom activities that center on the topic.
However, visual representations, such as a bulletin board display, can also help
reinforce what students are learning in school about mindsets. For example, a
display can show the difference between a growth and fixed mindset.

A board can also display
the correct language to use when developing a growth mindset in their own

Today, we present 25 of the best growth mindset bulletin boards that had been displayed in different classrooms and created by thoughtful teachers across the country.

There are display boards
designed specifically for younger children, and boards for older ones. Some
bulletin board examples are dedicated to specific academic subjects, merging a
lesson with the concept of growth mindset. Others are created with ready-made
growth mindset posters, while others still feature display elements that were
painstakingly created by hand.

Regardless of how they
were made, their purpose is to convey the idea of having a growth mindset as a
positive, essential trait that all of us need in order to succeed.

We hope that this collection of bulletin board ideas will inspire you as you create your own display.

25 Best Growth Mindset Bulletin Boards


The main component of
this growth mindset board consists of individually cutout letters that spell
“reflect,” “solve,” “create,” “grow,” and “think.” These letters are
color-coded so that the word “LEARN” is highlighted in white
scrapbook paper.

You can choose any font
you like for this project. As an alternative to printing out letters to cut
out, you can also write the letter outlines by hand before cutting them.

Growth Mindset Statements

This bulletin board uses
speech bubbles to frame the concept of having a growth mindset. You can print
these speech bubbles out onto colored paper and laminate them to have a
reusable stack of growth mindset components for the entire school year.

Shabby Chic Farmhouse Theme

A cork board is used for
this display, so each component is movable. Arrange the affirmations in your
preferred layout.

The affirmations use
growth mindset language. These are printables that can be purchased and
downloaded from the creator’s website.

Jedi Mindset Bulletin Board

Star Wars heroes and
villains feature in this dual-concept bulletin board. There is the dark side
that refers to a fixed mindset, while the light side refers to a growth

There is sample mindset
language for each concept, featuring images of Star Wars characters. The
mindset concepts are introduced in these characters’ speaking styles.

Speaking of the Jedi, check out 39 famous Yoda quotes here.

5. The Two Mindsets

This board features a comparison between fixed and growth mindsets using the imagery of a human brain. Use this in class as a reference, provide examples of both mindsets, and model the language for both.

6. Change Your Mindset

This board design encourages students to adopt a growth mindset. It can be set up at the beginning of the school year, and can serve as a frequent reference point and source of encouragement during times when students feel discouraged with their performance in class.

7. Keys to Success

Sometimes, all it takes
is a little prompt to inspire young people to work towards become better
versions of themselves. Your job is to present these keys to success to your

The board features positive qualities that, when applied in someone’s life, lead to success in whatever they do. Encourage your students to develop these qualities by incorporating them into lessons.

8. Growth Mindset Math Bulletin Board Kit

This board is ideal for
middle school or high school math. There are 70 math problems that need to be

However, the students
must find the error in the equations first. The growth mindset component in
this board is in the form of the positive affirmation “Mistakes are proof
that you are trying.”

9. The Power of Yet

The word “yet”
holds a lot of power. It suggests the potential of things.

It tells of things not
being over.

“Yet” suggests hope.

It is a growth mindset

To introduce the
language of growth mindset to children, many schools start by learning the word
yet and its power. This hallway board contains this display to introduce the
“power of yet” to the student body.

10. Grow Your Mind

This board features a
flower in various stages of growth. It grows from a mere stub just a few inches
above the ground into full bloom.

Underneath each of the
flower’s growth stages, there is a quote depicting the change in one’s mindset.

The first one says, “I won’t do it,” and the last one reads, “I can do it!”

11. How’s Your Mindset?

This board serves as a good reminder to students to maintain a growth mindset for the entire school year. It is made with a Bitmoji for a more personalized appeal, and the whole set contains bookmarks, posters, and bulletin board posters.

12. Farmhouse Classroom Decor

If you are looking for a
black-and-white themed bulletin board to promote growth mindset in your class,
this buffalo plaid example may inspire you. The central quote itself says,
“It’s okay not to know, but it’s not okay to not try.”

The board reminds
students that making mistakes is part of learning.

You can choose to print
out a checkered pattern on white paper, or purchase some bulletin paper from
known suppliers.

13. You’re Normal

Almost every one of us
had been pressured to strive for perfection. This has a negative impact on our
self-esteem. Many of us never know when we’ll ever be good enough.

This kind of pressure is
more difficult for kids. However, this bulletin board affirms for every learner
that making mistakes is part of being “normal,” and that everyone
makes them.

14. Be You

This board is full of
positive adjectives to boost one’s confidence and foster inspiration for
learning. It reminds me of Oscar Wilde’s affirming quote: “Be yourself; everyone
else is already taken.”

15. Never Stop Growing

This creative bulletin
board uses cutouts from the actual students’ handprints made to represent
flowers. It’s just right for spring, and for introducing the concept of growth
mindset to young learners.

16. We Are Hungry for Knowledge

Kids are never too young
to be introduced to the concept of the growth mindset. This cute, themed board
based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar
from Eric Carle’s classic is one way to do it.

17. Bloom Where You’re Planted

This board encourages
students to bloom—adapting to the classroom environment and thriving in it. The
design is very simple, yet effective in transmitting the message of
encouragement and acceptance.

18. Turn Your Focus On

This simple wall décor
reminds us all of what it takes to achieve success. And excuses are not part of

This decal can serve as
a year-long reminder for older students to be accountable for their choices and actions.

19. Motivational Growth Mindset Bulletin Board

This board uses
printable posters containing motivational quotes that exhibit a growth mindset.
It features nine unique posters that are designed to promote the concept of
growth mindset.

If you want more growth mindset poster ideas, this post features over 20 designs to choose from.

20. Famous Failures

This growth mindset
board idea features famous people who experienced failure before they achieved
greatness in their fields. (Check out this post
for our own list of famous people who experienced failure.)

This is an important concept for kids to learn: Nobody is perfect. We will all make mistakes. The important thing is how we view our mistakes.

21. Which Step Have You Reached Today?

Developing a growth
mindset is a process. In time, your child will learn to use the language of
perpetual learning.

They will learn to
accept their limitations for the moment, and yet will never be disheartened by
the challenges they face.

In this way, success
will become sweeter for them, and yet not the end-all.

This bulletin board shows how an individual may progress in their own acquisition of a growth mindset.

22. Today Is a Good Day To…

This kit comes with
everything you need to set up a growth mindset display. The components of this
board are printable. You can cut out the letters to spell “Today is a good
day to…”

Furthermore, there are several phrases modeling growth mindset and positivity to complete the sentence.

23. Give and Take Bulletin Board

Speaking of becoming a
better version of who they are, you can use this bulletin board to unleash the
goodness within your students.

This is how it works:

Choose character traits
that you feel the world needs more of. Then find appropriate quotes reflecting
these traits.

Place corresponding
quotes in their respective envelopes. That’s for the “take” part.

For the “give”
part, the teacher places slips of paper with tasks promoting random acts of
kindness. A student who picks a challenge must then do it and post the result
on their school’s twitter page.

Give this a try in your

If you need help finding
appropriate quotes for this bulletin board, check out these posts for quotes on strength and courage; love, life, and friendship; and success.

24. Helping People Grow

Use this design as an
inspiration for your own bulletin board. It features positive verbs coming out
of a cutout watering can like droplets of water.

It then sprinkles this
positivity on several flowers that bear words associated with a growth mindset,
such as “learn,” “discover,” and “achieve.” The
design is ideal for younger kids.

This type of board can be incorporated as part of your classroom’s overall design.

25. Change Your Words Change Your Mindset

People who have fixed
mindsets believe that our talents are already determined the day we are born,
and that nothing we do can ever improve on these.

Those who have a growth
mindset are the opposite. They believe that whatever talent or skill we have,
we can improve on them. And better yet, they believe that we can learn something new and improve on whatever mastery level we are
currently at with a specific skill.

This board tells us that
in order to make good things manifest in our lives, we must first replace our negative thoughts with positive ones.

The fixed mindset thoughts are printed on gray paper, while the positive equivalent statements are printed on brightly colored paper to differentiate them and drive the message home to the students.

Thoughts on Growth Mindset Bulletin Boards

It is essential to teach
young people as early as possible about the benefits of having a growth

One of the best places
where this concept and the language for it can be introduced is in the

We hope that these bulletin board examples will inspire you to creating a well-thought-out board for your own class. (For season-themed bulletin boards, check out our summer and fall bulletin board ideas.)

If you need additional
ideas for promoting growth mindset in the classroom, this post features 25
growth mindset posters specifically designed for kids

Meanwhile, this post contains 7
growth mindset activities designed for adults
(since it’s not only kids who can benefit from
having this type of mindset).

Lastly, if you need a refresher on the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset, this post has you covered.

Finally, if you want to take your goal-setting efforts to the next level, check out this FREE printable worksheet and a step-by-step process that will help you set effective SMART goals.

Keep growing!

25 Best Growth Mindset Bulletin Boards: Examples & Pictures

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