5 Ways to Easily Stay On Track Through the End of the Year (Crush Your Goals With These!)

5 Ways To Stay On Track (& Crush Your Goals!)

These simple healthy tips will be a game-changer in your life. They’re straightforward, easy to pick up, and they WORK!

1. Know Your Motivation

Do you know what motivates you? This is something that may require a bit of thought. If you like traveling or spending time with friends, connection and experiences may motivate you. If you like the finer things in life, maybe money is your motivator. Take some time to think about what really lights you up, and incorporate it into your goals. For example, if you really need to work on waking up earlier and you’re motivated by money, you can create a reward system for yourself. Every day you wake up on time, you add five dollars to a jar. After three months, you could have over $400 set aside! If you’re motivated by experiences, set a 30-day challenge for yourself with the prize as a staycation somewhere nearby. It will make your hard work worth it!

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