Benefits of Echinacea with Rosalee de la Foret

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Episode Summary

There are so many echinacea benefits! And yes, while echinacea tincture is an excellent herb for the immune system, that’s just *one* of echinacea’s many gifts! In this episode, you’ll learn the best ways to work with Echinacea, including my favorite method (which is totally underrated). And I’ll show you how to make a *potent* echinacea tincture!

After listening in, you’ll know:

► Safety considerations – what you have to know before working with this plant. 

► Why it’s so important to either grow this plant yourself or only buy from cultivated sources

► The most important considerations when deciding which echinacea species to work with medicinally

► How to strengthen your immune system

► How often and in what quantity to take echinacea tincture for the best results when treating an acute infection

Echinacea is a powerful plant that deserves more than simply being the “cold and flu herb”. It’s an immunomodulator, amazing for clearing bacterial infections, and can even address venomous bites.


What You’ll Learn from This Episode

  • [01:09] Introduction to echinacea (Echinacea spp.)
  • [02:48] Types of echinacea
  • [04:10] Echinacea energetics
  • [06:34] Echinacea for infections
  • [08:16] Echinacea for venomous bites and stings
  • [11:29] Echinacea for colds and the flu
  • [13:54] How does echinacea work?
  • [14:49] How to identify echinacea
  • [16:12] Echinacea safety
  • [17:59] How to make echinacea tincture
  • [22:49] Echinacea Fun Fact

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