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I Love My Best Friend, We Hook Up, But He Doesn’t Love Me Back

“I want to prepare you that even with you doing everything ‘right’ and putting your attraction towards him to the side, this friendship might not work right now,” writes Bustle’s sex columnist, Sophia Benoit. “Not because you two aren’t best friends. Not because you aren’t enough for him as a friend or as a person. Not because you messed it up or made things weird. But because people act like total dipsh*ts when they’re newly dating and they often act like double dipsh*ts towards their friends that they used to have sex with.” Read More

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The “Frosted” Hair Trend Is A Modernized Take On The ’90s Look

I know, I know — you’re envisioning the icy blonde tips that graced the heads of all boy band members in the year 1998. But the new era of frosted hair color is taking notes from late ’90s Jennifer Anniston on Friends, and it’s really chic. The highlights are now more subtle, creating a frosty look that adds shine and depth to the hair. And it’s not limited to blondes, either. Brunette celebs like Kaia Gerber and Hailey Bieber have recently sported the trend. Read More

Mastodon Might Be The New Twitter. Here’s How It Works.

Following the news of Elon Musk’s proposed changes to Twitter, many (former) devotees of the platform are turning to other social media sites, one of which is Mastodon. If you’re unfamiliar with Mastodon, you’re not alone — the platform nearly doubled its user size in the week after Musk’s acquisition became official, according to BBC. The interface is similar to Twitter’s, with posts of up to 500 characters that can be liked, replied to, and reposted — but the fact that they’re called “toots” is what I’m really here for. Read More

Must Reads

On Interview With The Vampire, Bailey Bass Keeps Things Light

Fake blood is fun to play with, Bailey Bass tells Bustle over Zoom. The Interview with the Vampire star credits this discovery to her costar, Jacob Anderson, who realized that the sticky substance “makes a quacking noise when you separate your hands.” It’s how the cast keeps things, uh, joyful, which is a necessity on a show that deals with this much immortal dread. Read More

7 Caroline Girvan Workouts That’ll Test Your Strength

Bored with following TikTok ab and glute challenges? Try one of Caroline Girvan’s fiery workouts on YouTube. The certified personal trainer and nutrition coach has over 600 fitness classes that range from kettlebell-based workouts to HIIT sessions and bodyweight training… but whichever one you go with, you’re going to sweat. A lot. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

With positive intentions, you can dodge today’s gloom. Read More

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