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The Best Red Carpet Looks From Last Night’s Emmy Awards

There was tulle. There were sequins. There were, yes, lots of corsets, proving the staying power of the Bridgerton boob era. (Rosario Dawson’s was especially good, in my humble opinion.) There was Jimmy Kimmel being peak white guy. There was Sheryl Lee Ralph being absolutely iconic. There were memes. But mostly, yet again, there were just so many cut-outs. Sometimes, you’d think a dress would be an actual piece of whole fabric and then bam, randomly, there’s no midsection, à la Julia Garner’s gown. In any case, if you were waiting on the spring fashion forecast to splurge on a Cult Gaia dress, the trend doesn’t appear to be going anywhere any time soon. Read More

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The Best Bangs For Thin Hair, According To Stylists

As I have formally identified as a “bangs-pusher” in this newsletter before, my bias on the matter is already well-known. BUT. Bangs are an ideal way to revamp your look before a new season (or just when you’re bored) because they’re A) low commitment — this is not a tattoo! And B) low-cost. Compared to a dye job or a trendy perm, a little snip snip does like one third of the financial damage. Plus, as evidenced by this and other pieces, they truly look good on everyone. OK, soapbox concluded. Read More

3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be The Center Of Attention

That girl; main character energy; extrovert — culturally speaking, we have a zillion labels for these people. They are warm and charming and magnetic, and also… kind of exhausting, which I’m allowed to say because my sign’s on this list, but somehow Gemini isn’t? I’d like to file a complaint. Read More

Why Minimalists Love This Popular Home Design Trend

If you’re on home decor TikTok, you’re likely familiar with the industrial aesthetic, and even if you’re not, well, you’ve probably encountered it on a trip to a hipster-y microbrewery with your most beer snobby friend. This is like that, but for your house, and it’s actually pretty easy to pull off. Read More

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At 14, Myha’la Herrold Was Singing In Her School’s Christian Rock Band

The Industry star, now 26, went to a Catholic high school, where girls weren’t allowed to have “unnatural” hair colors. “I remember during my freshman year, I had blonde braids, [and] someone was like, “Um…” I was like, “Blonde is a naturally occurring hair color.” Because I’m Black, I was waiting for someone to say, “Well not [for you]…” Instead, they told her it was “borderline.” “Then it was my goal to be as borderline as possible.” Here, she reflects on her other memories from her Tumblr days and why musical theater will always be her first love. Read More

How Gen Z Inspires LoveShackFancy’s Rebecca Hessel Cohen

Some women take pride in being “not like the other girls.” Then there’s Rebecca Hessel Cohen, a lover of all things pink, femme, and fancy. Since its inception in 2013, the brand — known for its (pricey) vintage-inspired dresses — has built a devoted, influencer-heavy following and has managed to work its way into every trending aesthetic, from cottagecore to Barbiecore. Here’s how Hessel Cohen got the inspiration to lean hard into her feminine side, and how that helped her stay the course. Read More


Here’s Your Daily Horoscope

Finally, a bit of respite after a few busy weeks. Read More

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