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In 2022, Bravo’s already extensive roster of reality shows got a little larger with the premiere of Real Girlfriends In Paris. Chronicling the lives of Anya Firestone, Emily Gorelik, Margaux Lignel, Victoria Zito, Adja Toure, and Kacey Margo, Real Girlfriends delivered all the usual drama, romance, and antics you’d expect from a Bravo property. Season 1 wrapped up on Oct. 31, and with no confirmed renewal from Bravo, there’s no telling when audiences will return to Paris. But that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate — here’s everything to know about the potential second season of Real Girlfriends In Paris.

Real Girlfriends In Paris Season 2 Potential Premiere Date

Because Bravo has yet to renew the reality series, Season 2 does not have a release date. Season 1 originally debuted on Sept. 5, 2022, which could indicate that a possible Season 2 would drop in September 2023, assuming the production schedule stays the same. That said, if you use Bravo’s Real Housewives series as a guide, you’d find that those seasons don’t always debut in the same month from year to year. However, their seasons almost always premiere within one year of each other, meaning that Real Girlfriends will almost definitely hit screens by 2023 if it gets renewed.

Real Girlfriends In Paris Season 2 Cast

Since none of the core six of Anya Firestone, Emily Gorelik, Margaux Lignel, Victoria Zito, Adja Toure, and Kacey Margo departed in Season 1, they’d likely be back for another season. At the same time, Bravo has shaken up the casts of their Real Housewives shows before, so don’t be too shocked if Real Girlfriends Season 2 features a couple of new faces.

Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

Season 1 of Real Girlfriends had all the dynamic friend group drama you’d expect from a Bravo title, and you can probably expect the same in Season 2. In October 2022, cast members Margaux Lignel and Victoria Zito spoke to Cosmopolitan about filming the show and provided some insights about the direction of the series. “Of course, there were little fights between friends groups and all of that,” said Margaux of Season 1. “There’s going to be differences, right?” The same sentiment was echoed by Victoria, who pointed out that any group with six big personalities is bound to suffer some arguments. Margaux also added that while things can get “a little cliquey at some times,” the friendships always manage to grow closer.

However, the show’s inaugural season proved to be about more than just drama, especially with regard to Victoria. In Episode 1, the 26-year-old came out as bisexual, a decision that she knows might’ve meant a lot to some viewers. “I’m going to open up more to people who I can share my own struggles with, and if I could just make someone else feel less alone, then cool.” Of her decision to come out on the show, she said, “the anxiety set in later like ‘this is going to air!’ But at the same time, I think when your audience becomes so big, you can’t people-please anymore. You really have no choice but to be your authentic self.”

Season 2 would likely continue covering Victoria’s journey, as well as the cast’s ever-changing relationship dynamics.

This article will be updated as more information about Real Girlfriends In Paris Season 2 becomes available.

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