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When indie movie Boiling Point, starring Stephen Graham, was released at the beginning of 2022, its one-take format and frenetic energy immediately garnered critical acclaim. The film rating currently has a 99% approval rating among critics and 85% among general audiences on Rotten Tomatoes. So it seems fitting, really, that the hit film is going to be followed up with a sequel, only this time it’ll be a drama series for the BBC. Find out everything you need to know about the upcoming TV programme, below.

Boiling Point Series Plot

The series will pick up six months after where the movie left off. Since realising she was almost made to take the fall for head chef Andy’s near-fatal mistake, sous chef Carly has left the swanky Jones & Sons, and become the head chef of her own restaurant.

Given that the movie ended with Andy not being in the best state both mentally and physically, it remains to be seen where half a year will have taken him in life. Personally, we think the series is going to be his redemption arc, but in the cut-throat world of high-end restaurant kitchens, who knows?

In a statement, Stephen Graham and his wife Hannah Walters, both executive producers of Matriarch Productions, said, “To be able to explore and go on a journey with our established and new characters will be a rollercoaster of feelings and emotions, but a rollercoaster you will want to keep getting back on. Our aim is to make powerful drama which reflects social realism, raising real-life issues which have an effect on each and every one of us.”

Crucially, it has been confirmed that the series will no longer employ the one-shot shooting style from the movie, but audiences have been promised “extraordinarily lengthy shots and camera techniques that will complement the pure naturalism that was the essence and soul of the film.”

Boiling Point Series Cast

Returning with co-writer and director Barantini is Stephen Graham as Andy Jones. Meanwhile, Vinette Robinson and Hannah Walters are reprising their roles as Carly and Emily, respectively.

The series will be written by James Cummings, with Barantini directing the first two episodes. It will be executive produced by Hester Ruoff and Bart Ruspoli for Ascendant Fox, Hannah Walters and Stephen Graham for Matriarch Productions, Philip Barantini for Made Up Productions, Rebecca Ferguson for the BBC, and James Cummings.

Boiling Point Series Release Date

The Boiling Point series will comprise of five hour-long episodes. Given that filming is due to start early next year, we’ve got a while to go before we can watch it on the small screen. In the meantime, the Boiling Point movie is available to stream for UK audiences on Netflix.

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