Emerging flavor trends cater to comfort, nostalgia & whimsy

At the same time, many people are unable to fully shake their fear of getting sick and so they also continue to look for foods and beverages that will bolster their health with flavors associated with immunity or clarity and calm for mental well-being.

In this episode of FoodNavigator-USA’s Soup-To-Nuts podcast​, experts from Flavorchem, ADM and Yelp share which flavor combinations are checking these boxes and more. They also place bets on unexpected spice blends, flavor and color combos, limited-edition runs and multi-sensory experiences that could be potential dark horses in 2023 and beyond.

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Familiar flavors offer comforting escape to a time perceived as simpler

During peak-pandemic when many Americans dared to venture out only for essentials – many turned to global cuisine as a way to travel and explore new destinations without leaving the safety of the homes. But now that it is safer to mix, mingle and visit new destinations, for those who can afford it, Flavorchem marketing analyst Rebecca Shurhay says consumers are looking for a type of escapism – one that takes them back to a time they perceive as simpler and more comforting.

“Consumers’ quest for comfort is still at an all time high, and I think that’s kind of the basis for a lot of trends we’re seeing now, especially as the holidays are approaching and consumers are gravitating towards the more familiar flavors,”​ she says.

She adds that one way that Flavorchem sees this playing out is through innovative twists and unexpected applications for breakfast flavors, which shine in the company’s latest flavor collection​.

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