Extremely Clever Home Products Under $25 You’ll Regret Not Knowing About Sooner

Amazon is overflowing with home products that are inexpensive and also incredibly handy to have around the house. This list is loaded with items that are going to add value to your home life — and when I say they’re inexpensive, I mean it. Nothing here is going to cost you over $25.

Have you had issues in the past with clogged drains in the shower or toilet? There are several suggestions on this list that will nip that issue in the bud. Do you not have a lot of storage options in your home? This list gives you plenty of solutions that create additional convenient storage all around the house.

So go ahead and stock up on a few things — these are surprising little game-changers. And, the best part is you can go on a little spree without breaking the bank thanks to these price tags.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


This 50-Pack Of Sturdy, Rubber-Coated Hangers

These rubber-coated hangers are an amazing high-end alternative to the velvet or wooden ones out there. The nonslip rubber secures your clothes on the hangers and won’t stretch out or leave residue on your clothes, either. One satisfied reviewer raved, “These are some of the best slim rubber hangers I’ve ever used. I hate the velvet ones, but these are very sturdy. I love that the hook can turn.”


A Stackable Rack Perfect For Shoes & More

Having an item like this stackable shoe rack at home gives you a durable way to conveniently organize your shoes and more. It has two tiers and is constructed from metal, so it will be able to withstand the wear and tear of storing different types of footwear. There are also four nonslip rubber pads on the bottom of the rack to protect your floors, too.


A Heavy-Duty Security Lock That Reinforces Your Door

If you want a simple yet effective way to upgrade the security of your home’s door, think about investing in this reinforcement lock. This small but mighty lock is capable of withstanding up to 800 pounds of force attempting to break through it. Included with the lock are three 3-inch screws made from an extra-strong metal material.


A Draft Stopper For The Bottom Of Your Door To Keep Warm Air In

Applying this draft stopper to the bottom of any door in your home will prevent air from escaping your home and light from peeking in under the door frame. It’s designed to fit into any gap up to 1 inch and simply peels and sticks. People love this product: “This stopper is perfect for my front door! I no longer feel air coming inside under the door and don’t worry anymore about bugs coming into my home,” one reviewer exclaimed.


These Powerful Scrubbing Tools That Attach To Your Drill

The type of cleaning you get from these power scrubbers is enough to make Mr. Clean’s jaw drop. It comes with three different-shaped scrubbing head attachments for different surfaces. Their bristles are made from a nylon material to prevent scratches on whatever you’re cleaning. These attachments are perfect for tackling projects like scrubbing your tile and shower grout, as well as carpets and upholstery. Just slip into your drill and go.


These Reusable Swedish Dishcloths That Are Extra Absorbent

The super absorbent quality of these Swedish dishcloths makes them perfect for sopping up any mess on any surface. They’re made from a blend of cotton and cellulose, which is how they stay soft without losing any of their grittiness to deal with tough messes. One happy customer noted, “They are inexpensive, work great, last a long time, and seem more sanitary than a sponge (not to mention more green).”


A Rechargeable Book Light Perfect For Late-Night Bookworms

If you’re a book lover, you’re going to want to snag this rechargeable book light for those late-night reading sessions. You don’t have to worry about the light keeping your partner awake at night, either, and there are multiple light settings to choose from.

Take it from one 5-star reviewer who shared, “The three illuminating settings work very well. There’s a yellow light which I use the most as it is more soothing for my sight when reading in the dark. Also the light illuminates [to] the bottom of the book so I don’t need to consistently adjust the light.”


A Zippered Storage Bag That Slides Under Furniture With Ease

Instantly create additional storage space in your home with the help of these storage bags. You get a set of two, and they each measure a substantial 42 by 18 by 6 inches. There is a handle on the side that makes it easy to grab and maneuver. “For living in the city and minimal storage space this product makes my life so much easier,” stated one glowing 5-star review.


These Luxury Bed Sheets That Will Make You Feel Like Royalty

You may have to pry yourself out of bed every day once you start using these luxurious bed sheets. They’re made from a high-quality microfiber material that makes them buttery soft to the touch. And there’s a unique element these sheets have that others don’t — an aloe vera coating that helps maintains softness despite daily use.


An Over-The-Door Organizer To Neatly Hold Your Shoe Collection

The convenience you get using this over-the-door shoe organizer is second-to-none. There are 12 plastic holding slots, so you can store six pairs of your favorite shoes easily in arm’s reach. There are two stainless steel hooks that secure it to the top of the door. As one satisfied reviewer noted, “If you have doors that are not wide, then this product is perfect. I use them for my sandals and slippers.”


This Tapered Candle Set That Brings Festive Elegance To Any Table

These high-quality tapered candles are made by each individual stick being hand-poured. That makes for extremely clean burning wax and helps cut down on smoke and soot. The wick is made from lead-free cotton, giving the candle an 8-hour burn time for a dripless and smokeless burn. This set comes with 10 candles that are 10 inches tall.


This Pair Of Metal Carving Claws That Works On All Kinds Of Food

The ease with which these metal carving claws shred and tear meat into bite-sized pieces is true culinary magic. The metal prongs are shaped to mimic bear claws. Each one is equipped with nonslip handles that make it incredibly easy for you to hold while tearing different meats apart. They also make a great gift for the grill lovers in your life.


This Fly Trap That Is The Top-Selling Indoor Insect Remover

These fact-acting indoor fly traps will help get rid of any bug infestations that may be plaguing your house. This pack comes with two traps, with each one having a 45-day life span. You’ll notice a dramatic difference in the bugs flying around your house within a few hours of putting these out.


An Extra-Long, Double-Sided Oven Mitt

This double-sided oven mitt has many big fans. “This is simply an excellent purchase, and I plan to buy one for lots of friends and family,” one happy customer shared. It’s made from silicone and is as flexible as if it were made of cotton. The long strip of material that attaches both gloves will protect your forearms when reaching into the oven and it’s way more convenient than looking for two gloves.


This Chalk-Style Paint You Can Use On A Variety Of Surfaces

This chalk paint will change the way you view home projects in the future. It has a built-in primer and works on just about any surface you could possibly want to use it on. A couple of things this paint does better than others is going on thick in the first coat and fully drying within 30 minutes. When it’s dry, it has a matte finish that you can distress for a vintage look.


A Buttery Smooth Wax Sealant To Protect Your Furniture & Paint

Give the furniture you’re refurbishing a soft, professionally-finished look with this eco-friendly paint sealant. It is made to work on both painted and natural wood surfaces — and is perfect to pair with the chalk paint above. The sealant glides on buttery smooth in one easy stroke. It’s made with beeswax and all-natural tree nut oils. One happy customer reported, “I used this to seal chalk paint. No bad fumes & easy to use.”


This 2-Tier Water Bottle Holder That’s A True Space Saver

Get back loads of counter and cabinet space with this handy water bottle organizer. This is perfect for storing all your reusable water bottles as you can now stack them vertically with the lids on. This is made from a BPA-free plastic that you can put in the dishwasher whenever it needs to be freshened up.


These Sleek Wooden Pants Hangers With A High-End Look

These solid wood hangers bring sophistication and durability to any closet in your home. They have a modern look with their rectangular design. The wood is also nonslip, so whether you’re hanging up pants, jeans, linens, or towels, they’ll stay securely in place. Each hook is made of chrome and swivels a full 360 degrees.


These Easy Grippers That Keep Rugs Firmly In Place

These hook-and-loop rug grippers add unparalleled staying power to the bottom of your rugs. Because it’s hook-and-loop (like Velcro) instead of adhesive, once installed you can easily lift up the rug to clean underneath if you like.

One happy reviewer stated, “We have tried several different products that supposedly keeps your rug from slipping, but none of them really worked. I bought this with minimal expectations, but figured I would try anyway. Lo and behold, it does its job!”


These Crisscross Floating Shelves That Add Pizzazz To Your Walls

This set of two crisscross floating shelves is the perfect way to add eye-catching features to your walls. They create a funky geometrical design that gives you tons of options for how to display your favorite home decor pieces. They’ll look creative displayed in your living room, office, bedroom, bathroom, and more.


These Nested Measuring Spoons With Magnetic Handles

These stackable, magnetic measuring spoons will make the ones of the past seem subpar at best. One of the best features about these spoons is the magnetic handles that keep them neatly stacked together when they’re not being used. They come with six different measurement sizes ranging from 1/8th of a teaspoon up to a tablespoon.

“These are handy, they stay together and that makes them easy to spot in the drawer,” one customer said in a 5-star review.


A 100-Pack Of Liners For The Air Fryer

Say goodbye to the messy, greasy basket of your air fryer after use thanks to these handy-dandy large paper air fryer liners. You get 100 liners in the pack. They won’t interfere with the heat or airflow and the food will still get the crispiness you’ve come to expect when using your air fryer.


These Modern Glass Coffee Mugs That Come In A Set Of 6

This cute set of glass coffee mugs adds a touch of modern elegance to your morning routine. Whether you’re a coffee or tea drinker, hot or iced, the glass handle makes it easy to hold while protecting your hand. Simply toss them in the washer to get them clean.


This Sleek Utensil Holder That Gives Kitchen Tools A Nice Home

Having this stainless steel utensil holder right by the stove makes life while cooking so much easier. Store your most used items, like a whisk, spatula, wooden spoon, or others, in this easy-to-clean canister. The inside is divided into three sections so you can organize the utensils as you want, too.


These Smart Plugs That Will Update Any Outlet in Your Home

These mini smart plugs are game-changers for your outlets. Control the outlet from anywhere using an app, or sync them up with your smart home device and control them with your voice. They work with a wide range of electronic devices and lights.

One reviewer shared, “I have about 10 of these in my home for a ton of different applications. Kasa has made these almost plug and play getting on your network and Alexa recognizes it without any effort.”


This Himalayan Salt Lamp For A Calming Glow

The ethereal glow this Himalayan salt lamp emanates adds a relaxing ambiance to any room in your house. Its round base is made from neem wood, which is incredibly durable and will last for years. Inside the salt crystal is a 15-watt bulb that emits a soothing, warming glow that makes a beautiful night light.


A Handy & Durable Multipurpose Grill Scraping Tool

Once you start using this handy grill scraper, you may never use anything else to clean your outdoor cooking surfaces again. Instead of heavy-duty bristles, this scraper is equipped with special universally designed metal grooves. Because of this, the integrity of the scraper will outlast anything you put it up against. A bottle opener at the end is a bonus.


These Cute Smokeless Candles That Come In A Set Of 3

You will completely fall for this set of three smokeless candles thanks to their clean-burning feature. They’re made with lead-free cotton wicks and paraffin wax, which is why they have such a clean burn. There are three in a set, each with a 40-hour burn time. Between their spherical shape and beautiful turquoise color, they’ll definitely be conversation starters.


These Plush Inserts That Will Upgrade Your Old Throw Pillows

These super plush throw pillow inserts will be a major upgrade from any old, limp ones currently residing on your furniture. The outer shell is silky soft while the inside is stuffed with a fiber filling. Even though they feel delicate to the touch, they’re highly durable and will last a long time. There are 10 different sizes to choose from to suit your space.


A Sleek & Sturdy Stainless Steel Paper Towel Holder

This stainless steel paper towel holder is super easy to install. It has an extra strong adhesive backing that will secure it to the underside of your cabinets. However, if needed, you can move it where needed without compromising the integrity of the adhesive strip. A satisfied reviewer said, “I’ll be buying another for paper towels and maybe a few more as towel holders for the bathroom.”


This Continuous Mist Spray Bottle That’s Surprisingly Useful

The light and even mist you get from a continuous spray bottle is strangely satisfying. Fill this with water and use it to style your hair with precision, mist your houseplants, or use it for ironing. Or, put cleaning products inside and enjoy that evenly-dispersed output. After over 83,000 reviews, this little MVP has a 4.7-star rating.


This Ultra-Modern Digital Alarm Clock With A Mirrored Surface

If you want to have an alarm that is not your cell phone, consider this glass-surface, digital alarm clock. The display screen is 7 inches long, which makes it easy to read from across the room. Its LED lighting has three different brightness levels. You can also turn it on snooze and night mode when you’re sleeping so you won’t be disturbed.

“I needed a clock for my office and it’s super cute and doubles as a mirror,” noted one happy reviewer.


This Super Strong Gel Glue From Gorilla Glue

Tackle any repair project with the assistance of this ultra-powerful super glue from Gorilla Glue. The gel formula prevents it from running, which makes it easier to use. Once applied, it’ll completely dry anywhere between 10 and 45 seconds. Even better, it will work on just about any material you need to fix.


An Elegant Wooden Stand Perfect For Holding Recipe Books Or Tablets

Making your favorite recipes or baking the sweets you love most is now easier than ever with the help of this wooden cookbook stand. It has a small footprint on the counter and the metal arms on the front are adjustable — not only do they hold the pages open, but they don’t get in the way of you reading the recipe. Tuck them down to use with a tablet.


This Smart System To Wirelessly Control Your Garage Door

You’ll never have to worry if you closed the garage when you switch over to this wireless garage control system. Once you download the app onto your iPhone or Android, it’s super simple to get the garage wirelessly connected to the system. It will give you peace of mind as well since it lets you monitor garage activity in real time.


A Heavy-Duty Plunger That Can Take On Any Toilet

This unique and powerful toilet plunger blows old-school plungers out of the water. This plunger part is designed with an accordion-like effect that allows you to maneuver it as needed. It uses water instead of air to help move the clog down the drain more quickly and effectively. And if you’re not satisfied, there is a full money-back guarantee.


A Silicone Drain Cover To Catch Hair In The Shower

Using these silicone hair catchers in the shower is an absolute must to help prevent drainage issues. To install them, you simply set it over top of the drain as the silicone material is nonslip and it will stay in place. After you hop out of the shower, swipe off the hair that has been trapped and toss it in the trash.


This Set Of Versatile, U-Shaped Floating Shelves

Change the way you go about decorating your living spaces with these U-shaped floating shelves. Hang them in the kitchen to store spices or utensils. Put them in the living room to display your favorite pictures or fresh flowers. They’re also great for your office to arrange your most cherished books.

“These are easy to hang. Once on the wall, they have a great look and are very stable,” said one 5-star reviewer.


This Heavy-Duty Smart Plug Made For Outdoor Use

This outdoor smart plug is super convenient and ultra-durable. The outer cover is weatherproof and water resistant so it can withstand all sorts of weather. It has two different outlets, which can each be controlled separately. And because it’s a smart plug, you can control things plugged into it with an app or use your voice via your smart home hub.


This Big Set Of Fun Glow-In-The-Dark Paint

Create super fun, customized outfits with the help of these glow-in-the-dark paints. They work on just about any type of fabric, or whatever you happen to be decorating. You get a set of eight, with a full range of vibrant rainbow colors. Have a craft night with friends and make funky, out-of-this-world T-shirts and more for a clever night in.


These Chic Stainless Steel Shower Hooks With Smooth Rolling Balls

Prepare to be impressed with how smooth these stainless steel curtain hooks move across your shower rod. Each hook is coated with a rust-resistant polish, which is perfect for maintaining its look in a wet environment.

One happy customer noted, “Now I can easily unhang the curtain and liner for washing and rehang them in a couple of minutes. Sometimes it is a small thing that brings joy to your life and this is one for me. My shower curtain struggles are over!!!”


A Sweet Antique-Effect Glaze To Zhuzh Up The Furniture

Using this furniture paint glaze lets you express your creativity when it comes to changing up some of your old furniture. It is the product you want to use if you’re looking to create that perfectly aged, rustic look. It also works as a stain on raw wood. And you can’t beat the fact it’s water-based, eco-friendly, and free of harsh chemicals.

As one reviewer raved, “I just love love love this product, thank you [Amazon]! This gave me the rustic look I wanted for my door.”


A Pen That Helps You Achieve A Burnt Look On Wood

Get to work crafting away with the help of these wood-burning pens. They both have different style tips — one with a round head and the other with an oblique head. Once the markers are activated with a heat source, the design will be burned into the wood. A satisfied customer noted, “Worked perfectly, very easy and I love how it looks!”


This Wax Furniture Finish With A Metallic Gleam

Apply this cool wax metallic finish to old furniture and home decor and give it a snazzy new life. Put some of the wax directly onto the surface of whatever you want to zhuzh, and then use a cloth or brush to rub and buff it. Once the finish has dried, is leaves a gorgeous glowy luster.


A Universal Drain Stopper That Works With All Sinks

People can’t stop raving about the awesome stopping power of this universal sink stopper. One reviewer glowed, “Found this and would highly recommend! It fit our sink which is apparently not standard size, and it works as intended for doing dishes!” The outer edge is made from 100% natural rubber that makes the stopper adhere well to the drain. As an added bonus, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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