Gatorade debuts Fast Twitch, the ‘go-to energy drink option designed for athletes’

The formulation is uncarbonated and packaged in a 16-ounce resealable bottle making it a convenient workout beverage for athletes and active consumers. 

NFL teams will get exclusive first access to the athletic energy drink brand during the 2022-2023 season with a broader retail rollout to come in early February 2023 where it will be merchandised in the energy drink aisle (as opposed to the isotonic sports drinks aisle), said Gatorade. 

“Everything about Fast Twitch was designed with athletes at the center. From the grippable, resealable bottle designed for convenience on-the-go, to the non-carbonated formula, to the powerful, energetic, and athletic design, to the brand name,”​ Marissa Pines, senior director of marketing, Gatorade Performance Nutrition, told FoodNavigator-USA, who added that the product’s formulation and ingredients are NSF Certified for Sport and backed by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute where it was developed.  

“Gatorade is the leader in sports fuel and has a deep understanding of the unique occasions and needs across athletic activity. What we know is that caffeine helps ignite power and athletic performance, but there hasn’t been a go-to energy drink option designed for athletes. 

“Fast Twitch addresses the key barriers described by the 32 million athletes who reject energy drinks. Creating this brand-new athletic energy space backed by Gatorade’s 57-year history with athletes will completely disrupt the energy category,” ​added Pines. 

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