Include E-bikes To Get Further On Climate, Faster – Bicycle NSW

Awa share bikes, University of Lagos, Nigeria (Shared micromobility in Africa)

Cities like Dakar and Cairo are leapfrogging into micromobility, upending assumptions about developing countries needing to wade through smog and sprawl to get there. Australia is perfectly placed to electrify transportation and already has a well-developed e-bike industry to support every level of the supply chain. To discuss this and more, bicycle advocates from Australia and around the world will be meeting this weekend at the Micromobility Conference in Sydney.

There’s so much to be excited about e-bikes and e-cargo bikes being a viable alternative to cars. ‘The bicycle sector has a lot to offer. We are a very important part of the solution! ’ Peter Mclean, Bicycle NSW CEO.

Join the Bicycle NSW family and campaign with us for safe bicycle infrastructure and e-bike subsidies to ride down the cost of living whilst help save the planet.

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