Jack Harlow Went All In On Cheesy Pickup Lines In An ‘SNL’ Sketch

In a Saturday Night Live episode full of cameos and returns, first-time host and musical guest Jack Harlow still managed to have some magic SNL moments of his own. The rapper’s roles ranged from an AA attendee who took over the meeting with his Pixar movie idea to an inept flair bartender looking for redemption. Some of his most entertaining jokes, though, came when he played himself in a sketch inspired by The View.

SNL’s take on the ABC talk show brought together their version of its stars: Ego Nwodim as Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Sherman as Joy Behar, Chloe Fineman as Sara Hines, and Punkie Johnson as Sunny Hostin. After “Goldberg” made a few jokes about being “technically not the star of The View” but “the only one here who has ever been asked for an autograph,” they brought out Harlow, their “very exciting guest.” And exciting he was, especially for Goldberg, because he turned the charm up to 11 for her.

Though Goldberg told Harlow she has “been closed for business” since before he was born, he wasn’t deterred. The “First Class” singer peppered their interview with hilariously cheesy pickup lines and even managed to segue from climate change back to his full-court press. “Is it the global warming, or is it just, like, getting a little hot in here?” he asked at one point.

Goldberg kept rebuffing the artist, even telling him, “The only MCs I need in my life are My Cats and My Cigarettes.” But eventually, his pickup lines started to do their job. When he brought up his “snake” and she asked if she was “sensing a metaphor,” he responded, “Whoopi, I’ve met a lot of fours, but today I met a 10.” And, well, that did it.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to do to me, but it is working,” Nwodim’s Goldberg said. “I’m feeling like Indiana Jones just stepped on a boobie trap, because my whole dusty cave has started to rumble.”

The whole ridiculous exchange got 10s from a number of fans on Twitter. “Ego Nwodim as Whoopi Goldberg getting hit on by Jack Harlow is just the best!” one fan wrote. Another person declared themself “here for Jack and Whoopi only,” and yet another called the pairing “the best part!!!”

Other fans had high praise for Harlow’s performance throughout the night. After his “today I’ve met a 10” line, one proclaimed that “Jack was spitting.” Even someone who watched the episode “expecting not to like Jack Harlow” admitted they were “wrong.” For another fan, it was their “favorite SNL of the season so far.” Not bad for Harlow’s first time hosting!

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