‘Love wheat again…’ Revival Einkorn launches mission to make ‘easy to digest’ ancient grain a household name

Brand owner Werner Forster is not the first entrepreneur to bring einkorn to the US packaged food market. Jovial Foods – which imports a wide range of organic foods including einkorn flour, pasta, and cookies – was much earlier to the game.

However, Revival Einkorn​ is 100% dedicated to turning ‘earth’s first wheat’ into a household name and has been steadily laying down the groundwork on the agricultural side to make this feasible at scale, says Forster, a US food industry veteran currently based in Barcelona, Spain, who has partnered with farmers in Spain and Bulgaria to grow einkorn for consumer products sold in the US market (the base of the US business, The Wheat Revival Company, is in Encinitas, CA).

Nutrition and digestibility 

Dubbed ‘earth’s first wheat,’ einkorn (Triticum monococcum​, a diploid) was first cultivated 12,000 years ago, but gradually replaced by modern higher-yielding tetraploid (T. turgidum​) and hexaploid (T. aestivum)​ varieties, and is intriguing on multiple levels, claimed Forster.

First, he said, it’s a nutritional powerhouse. Einkorn wheat berries contain up to 40% more protein than common wheat and significantly higher levels of micronutrients from iron, vitamin E and selenium to lutein, zinc, and B vitamins. As the berries are smaller, einkorn also yields a higher bran-germ to-endosperm ratio than modern wheat, helping to explain its higher phytochemical content (the bran and germ in wheat are more nutrient-rich than the starchy endosperm).

While there are several ‘alternative’ pastas made with everything from chickpeas to almond flour, Revival Einkorn pasta still looks and cooks as well as regular wheat flour, which is not always the case with some gluten-free brands, claimed Forster.  

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