Memes & Tweets On Harry Styles’ “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” Video

If anyone knows how to cause a stir, it’s Harry Styles, and his latest music video offering has got fans talking once again. To the surprise (and delight) of many, the singer released the video for “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” on Oct. 27, and it’s interesting, to say the least. In the video, Styles has transformed himself into what appears to be a mermaid-style creature with tentacles, but one with stage-loving diva tendencies. I mean, why not, right? The three-and-a-half minute music video sees Styles being taken to a sushi restaurant, where he narrowly avoids becoming sushi himself (for now) by performing for the restaurant.

It’s a heady combination of weird and wonderful that has fans comparing Styles as a sea creature to The Little Mermaid, especially given the fact that Styles turned down the role to play Prince Eric in the upcoming adaptation. The singer turned down the role due to wanting to focus on his own music, saying in an interview with The Face, “I want to put music out and focus on that for a while. But every­one involved in it was amaz­ing, so I think it’s going to be great. I’ll enjoy watch­ing it, I’m sure.”

However, he’s definitely giving more Ursula than Eric in the new video, which also hasn’t escaped the attention of Twitter. Below, are some of our favourite and funniest memes and reactions to the “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” video.

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