Organizing Your Home Is A Hassle, But These 35 Things Make It So Much Easier

Tidying up your home isn’t hard, but keeping everything organized is the challenging part. Even if you’re incredibly consistent at putting items back where they belong, that doesn’t mean that everybody else in your home is willing to put the same amount of effort into keeping your spaces neat. Luckily, there are tons of helpful products that make it so much easier to keep your home organized.

From sturdy broom holders to customizable cube organizers, this list is absolutely chock-full of items that can help even the messiest homes get organized. And since no two homes are alike, I’ve also made sure to pick organizers that can be used in every room — whether you’re struggling with a messy bedroom or a cluttered basement workshop. But if you want to see more, you’ll just have to keep scrolling.


This Soap Dispenser Set That Helps Keep Waste To A Minimum

It’s always tempting to dispense too much soap into your sponge — that’s why this soap dispenser set is a smart buy. Simply press your sponge down on the caddy, and it’ll inject the ideal amount of soap into its fibers, helping keep waste to a minimum. The matching dispenser can also hold up to 10.5 ounces of liquid soap, and each set includes a tray to keep them set neatly together.


A Cube Organizer You Can Arrange However You Like

Not only can you fill this cube organizer with everything from towels to shoes, but you can also customize its layout however you like. Assembly only takes a few short minutes — and it works particularly well in closets, entryways, or even mud rooms. Choose from four colors: black, gray, transparent, or white.


The Bread Box That’s Transparent So You Can See What’s Inside

With space for bagels, loaves, pastries, and more, this bread box is a functional (and fashionable) way to store your baked goods. You can stack the containers on top of each other to save space, or split them up if that works best for your counter space — and each order even includes 30 bread bags to help keep everything fresh.


A Paper Towel Holder That Takes Up Zero Space

Unlike that countertop paper towel holder you’ve probably been using, this one mounts underneath your cabinets using either screws or double-sided adhesive (both of which come included). The best part? It’s made from rust-resistant stainless steel — not plastic. Choose from five finishes: silver, rose gold, grey, black, or gold.


This Dish Rack That Can Hold Up To 16 Plates

Unlike some dish racks that can only hold a few items, this one is large enough to hold up to 16 plates, 12 bowls, and more. Nonslip feet give it some added stability, and there are even hooks on the side where you can rest a cutting board. Plus, the drip tray on the bottom easily wipes clean when dirty.


A Spice Rack That Takes Up Hardly Any Space

If your spices are arranged loosely in one of your cabinets, consider upgrading to this under-the-shelf spice rack. There’s enough space for up to seven standard-sized jars, and each order includes double-sided adhesive so that you can easily stick it into place under one of your cabinet shelves.


The Shower Caddy That Won’t Become Rusty

Don’t let your shower walls become a cluttered mess of bottles and soaps — instead, place everything on this handy caddy. It’s made from rustproof metal, with a rubber grip at the top that helps keep it from swinging back and forth. And unlike some caddies, this one also features hooks where you can hang your scrubbers and loofahs.


A Broom Holder That’s Surprisingly Versatile

Mops, sports equipment, gardening tools — this broom holder is so versatile that you can use it to organize all of them and more. The rubber grip inside each slot helps keep your tools from sliding downwards, and the entire organizer can handle up to 50 pounds.


This Narrow Cabinet That Fits Into Tight Spaces

Need a little extra storage? This cabinet easily fits into narrow spaces, making it great for bathrooms, mudrooms, or even home offices. There’s also a toilet paper holder built into the top compartment — and since the exterior is waterproof, there’s no need to worry about it breaking down over time in humid bathrooms.


These Stackers That Help You Organize Bottles & Cans

You don’t have to take up an entire shelf in your fridge with bottles and cans — just use these stackers to save some space. They let you stack your drinks in a triangular shape, helping make the most of your refrigerator shelves so that you have more room to store other items. “These little bottle savers are perfect to keep wine bottles from rolling around in the fridge and the incline is perfect for making sure an opened bottle doesn’t drip,” wrote one reviewer.


The Storage Bins That Help You Organize Jumbled Drawers

Whether your home office or kitchen drawers could use a little organization, these bins have got you covered. You can arrange them however you like, making it easy to customize them so that they’ll fit drawers of nearly any shape or size. They’re also incredibly versatile — use them for office supplies, arts and crafts materials, cosmetics, and more.


A Stackable Organizer That Maximizes Your Shelf Space

Place this organizer inside of a cabinet, and it’ll help open up some storage space by giving you two additional shelves to store everything from dishes to spices. You can also stack multiple organizers on top of each other to create even more space — and since the frame is made from steel, there’s no need to worry about it warping under heavy loads.


This Stylish Knife Block That Can Fit Nearly Any Blade

With flexible rods on the inside that automatically adjust to fit your blades, this knife block is a stylish way to put your knives on display and keep them safe from damage. It’s made from sleek wood — not plastic — and many reviewers wrote about how it “looks great” and is “easy to clean.”


These Shelves That Fit Underneath Your Sink

It doesn’t take long for the cabinets underneath your sinks to devolve into a jumbled mess of cleaning supplies, so why not grab these shelves? Each tier slides out so that it’s easy to grab whatever you need, while four hooks on the top give you ample space to hang scrubbers — all for less than $25.


A Pair Of Slide-Out Drawers You Can Add To Desks

If your desk could use some extra storage space, make sure to take a look at these drawers. Installation is a total breeze, as each order includes a pack of double-sided adhesives that let you press them into place — no drilling required. Choose from two colors: white or grey.


The Hangers That Help You Open Up Space In Cramped Closets

Running out of space in your closet? These hangers might be able to help. Each one can hold up to five pairs of pants, which can help open up some extra room on your closet rod. And since they’re made from tough stainless steel, there’s no need to worry about them sagging under heavy pairs of denim.


These Drawers That Are Perfect For Storing Shoes

Consider these drawers a definite upgrade to the open-style shoe rack you’ve probably been using. Not only do they help protect your shoes from dust, but you can also arrange them into any configuration you like. They’re also breathable, as well as large enough to fit shoes up to a men’s size nine.


A Utensil Holder Made Of Stylish Marble

You’ve got options when it comes to this utensil holder. Use it to store stirrers in your kitchen, or keep it on your vanity as a chic spot to keep all your makeup brushes. And unlike some holders, this one is made from real white marble, giving it a little extra weight so that it doesn’t topple over when filled with tall handles.


This Weekly Planner That’ll Help Out The Whole House

I have a weekly planner similar to this one on my fridge, and it’s made a huge difference in my ability to keep everybody’s schedule straight. There’s space to jot down everybody’s plans for each day of the week, as well as an extra bonus space where you can write a grocery list or any other notes you might want to reference. Each order also includes four markers, as well as a small eraser.


These Shoe Organizers That Slide Underneath Your Bed

Take all of those seasonal shoes off your shoe rack and store them inside these organizers to help open up some space. They can hold up to 20 pairs of shoes in total — one organizer has space for up to 16 standard-sized pairs, while the other has four large compartments designed for larger boots. Plus, the transparent lid makes it easy to see what’s inside without having to unpack anything.


A Cookie Jar That Helps Keep Your Baked Treats Fresh

Not only does this cookie jar feature an airtight lid, but its rustic appearance is sure to look good wherever you put it. And if you aren’t much of a cookie person? You can also use it to store candies, brownies, or even coffee grounds.


The Cable Frames That Help Keep Knots Out Of Your Decor Lights

Wrapping your seasonal decoration lights into a bundle is an easy way to wind up with knotted strands, so why not grab these frames? They help keep your wires taut, ensuring that they stay tangle-free until you’re ready to use them again. Each one can hold up to 100 feet of wire, which means the entire set can hold up to 400.


These Oil Dispensers Made From Chic Porcelain

Transfer your oil and vinegar into these dispensers, and the drip-free spouts will help keep your counters clean when cooking. Each one is made from chic porcelain, making them an undeniable upgrade to the plastic bottles your oils came in — and each pouring spout comes with an attached stopper to help prevent spills.


The Containers That Help Protect Dishes From Damage

Keeping fine china inside of these containers is an easy way to make sure it doesn’t get damaged while in storage. Each one is made from thick, padded fabric, and some even feature removable dividers to help keep glassware (with or without a stem) from clinking together. “The great part about this is the price point for what you get,” wrote one reviewer. “There are several sizes to store dish sets and that’s and you can pack a lot of dishes into them so it’s actually a great find as well as a great bargain.”


A Canister That’s Perfect For Helping Keep Coffee Grounds Fresh

Stale coffee grounds will produce a weak cup of joe, so why not store them inside this canister? The airtight lid helps keep everything inside fresh, and each order even includes a scoop that you can hang right on the side of the canister. Choose from four colors: gray, stainless, blue, or red.


These Spray Bottles Made With Dark Amber Glass

Not only are these spray bottles perfect for everything from essential oils to cleaning solutions, but their dark amber glass walls also help prevent UV light degradation. Each order also includes a set of blank labels, as well as a small pipette and funnel to help you fill them up.


An Organizer That Keeps Water Bottles From Rolling Around

Don’t clutter up a cabinet with reusable water bottles — instead, place them on this organizer to help save space. Each level can hold up to three bottles, though you can stack multiple organizers on top of each other if you need even more storage space. Plus, the plastic frame is 100% BPA-free, as well as shatter-resistant.


This Lazy Susan That’s Divided Into 4 Sections

Add this lazy Susan to a cabinet, and it’ll make it way easier to reach any items you have stashed in the back. Dividers on the inside help you keep all your items organized — though you can also remove them if you decide it’s unnecessary. And since the ball bearings are made from stainless steel, there’s no need to worry about them developing rust over time.


These Bins That Help You Sort Out Cluttered Fridges

If your fridge has become a disorganized mess of produce and condiments, these bins are a total game-changer. Handles on the front help you pull them in and out, while their clear plastic walls make it easy to see what’s inside. Or, if your fridge already looks good, they’ll also work great in pantries, cabinets, and more.


A Flatware Organizer That Expands To Fit Your Drawers

Don’t let your flatware roam freely inside of a drawer — instead, keep it looking neat and tidy inside of this organizer. It’s made from sleek bamboo, with a water-resistant finish that allows you to easily wipe it clean if it ever gets dirty. And since it can expand from 13 to 17 inches, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a drawer that it fits inside.


The Airtight Containers That Help Keep Dry Foods Fresh

Cereal, flour, pasta — these containers are great for all sorts of dry ingredients. Their airtight lids help keep everything inside fresh, while the included chalkboard labels make it easy to maintain an organized pantry. The best part? You can also stack them on top of each other to help save space.


A Makeup Organizer For Brushes, Palettes & More

With space for brushes, palettes, nail polish, and more, this makeup organizer is an easy way to tidy up cluttered vanities. It’s made from clear acrylic, allowing it to easily blend with any decor style. And if your vanity is already looking good? You can also use it for office supplies on your desk at work.


These Dividers That Expand To Fit Your Drawers

Got a wide drawer that’s hard to keep organized? Then make sure to take a look at these dividers. They expand from 17 to 22 inches and feature rubber-tipped ends to help keep them from shifting out of place. I’m currently using a set in my kitchen to keep my utensil drawer organized — though they’ll also work great in jumbled underwear drawers.


A Spice Organizer That Comes With 12 Jars

With a rotating base that makes it easy to reach each jar, this spice organizer is great for cramped cabinets, countertops, or even in the center of your dining table. Each order comes with 12 empty jars, as well as a set of blank labels — and many reviewers raved about how it “takes up little space.”


The Storage Bins With Thousands Of Positive Reviews

Stackable, versatile, and sturdy — these storage bins hit all the right notes. Built-in handles on either side make them easy to carry around the house, while their tall walls help keep your items from toppling over. They’re also BPA-free and have more than 6,000 positive four- and five-star reviews. “These are perfect for your food pantry, craft space or even your fridge,” wrote one happy shopper. “They are well made and the right size.”

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