Ponova oil from pongamia trees to hit market by mid-2023 as Terviva teams up with Ciranda

A mid-oleic oil from the beans of the pongamia tree, Ponova oil has a golden color and buttery flavor with nutty notes, a slow melting curve, and a high smoke point (437 degrees Fahrenheit), and can be used as a cooking oil or an ingredient in prepared foods from meat and dairy substitutes to vegan mayo, spreads, baked goods and more, said Terviva.

The oil is semi-solid in the fridge and “similar to other vegetable oils such as canola and sunflower,” ​explained the firm, which says it will provide more details about its manufacturing set-up shortly.

The oil is semi-solid in the fridge and “similar to other vegetable oils such as canola and sunflower,” ​said the firm, which is currently sourcing pongamia beans from India as it builds up a domestic network of growers in Hawaii and Florida.

“In dairy alternatives, Ponova oil brings a full-bodied texture and mouthfeel and performs like animal fat with improved textures and mouthfeel in plant-based applications. It can improve plant-based butters and the fatty mouthfeel and juiciness of plant-based burgers.”

Retail product also in the cards

Speaking to FoodNavigator-USA at the Expo West trade show earlier this year, Chris Quevedo, head of enterprise sales, told us: ​“The oil​ cooks beautifully and imparts a buttery flavor and body and if you substitute it for sunflower oil in dairy alternatives, you get a more dairy-like experience.​ It’s got a similar profile to poultry fat, so it works particularly well in plant-based chicken.”

Asked about pricing, the firm told FoodNavigator-USA: “Our intention is to price the oil very competitively while accounting for the sustainability and inherent physical and functional characteristics of the oil.”

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