Shelf-stable TVP with a texture ‘much closer to whole muscle meat…’ IFF unveils tech breakthrough for meat alternatives

A dry textured protein in large irregularly-shaped chunks, SUPRO TEX​ ​is “designed to provide a texture much closer to whole muscle meat, in a quality level not achievable by existing low-moisture textured proteins today​,” Cintia Nishiyama, global product marketing for Proteins, IFF, told FoodNavigator-USA.

Because it is a dry product, manufacturers won’t need to invest in an extrusion line in their plants or have to deal with the complexities of a cold supply chain and its related costs​,” she explained.

“The new protein ​[80% protein content] not only delivers a much more cost-effective solution than high moisture extrusion, but is also more sustainable: as a dry product, it eliminates the need for a cold supply chain, simplifying and reducing shipping costs and storage, while also reducing energy use.”

“What makes SUPRO TEX stand out in the plant-based space is for the first time, meat alternative manufacturers can make tender, plant-based protein, whole muscle pieces or chunks without the need for major capital investments or a refrigerated supply chain.”​ Michel Mellema, global innovation director, IFF’s RE-IMAGINE PROTEIN program

Texturants are added to soy protein during the extrusion process

So how has this been achieved?

According to Nishiyama, IFF has developed a patent-pending process in which undisclosed texturants are added to soy protein during the extrusion process to provide “integrated texturing properties​” such that the final product, when hydrated at a customer’s facility​,​ has improved firmness and texture comparable to a pricier high-moisture extrusion product.

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