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In 2022 there has been an increase in the number of bloggers who write about the outdoors! Whether you’re new to the industry or an industry veteran it can be quite challenging to sort through all of the available options and find the perfect outdoor blogger for you. But no fear, Today’s Business is here to help! We’ve been providing SEO and content marketing services for over 10 years and have experimented with almost every content marketing solution imaginable. Although a lot of our SEO content is written in-house at our headquarters office in New Jersey, we often turn to specialized outdoor bloggers to support us! Check out the list below for some of the best outdoor bloggers!

1) Pauline Reynolds Nuttall

Whether you like to go camping, hiking, or just love the outdoors definitely check out Pauline’s blog, Mama Bear Outdoors! Pauline is the creator of Mama Bear Outdoors, she has three kids and enjoys spending time with her family on their outdoor adventures to create memories! Pauline’s blog offers something for everyone! She covers everything from product reviews, gift ideas, tips, survival, camping, or outdoor adventures, her blog has got it covered! Articles like “The Best Gifts for Hikers That Are Useful”, help her readers make quick and informed buying decisions!

2) My Outdoors Life

My Outdoors Life was created in 2016 by two childhood friends Daniel Carraway and Mark Foster! They created this blog because they both share a passion for the outdoors. Helping to inspire and prepare you for your next outdoor adventure with articles like “What to Bring Camping: Food, Fun Things, Essentials & More [Full Guide]” Mark and Daniel provide thorough and insightful tips on how to make your next adventure safe, exciting and memorable.

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3) Outdoor Gear Lab

If you need help finding the best products for your next outdoor adventure, look no further than Outdoor Gear Lab! They offer the best outdoor gear reviews helping you find the right product for your outdoor needs! All of their reviews are geared toward finding the perfect outdoor products for your next outdoor adventure! Don’t know where to start? Here is one of our favorite articles discussing  the “Best Hiking Gear of 2022”.

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4)  Gear Junkie

If you love spending your time outdoors, look no further than Gear Junkie! They cover a wide variety of things outdoors from fishing to skiing to every outdoor activity in between, with the perfect gear! Whether you need a gift for someone who loves to ski, or are unsure what to buy for your next outdoor adventure Gear Junkie has you covered with simple to read list style posts like “The Best Sunglasses of 2022”! Offering all the best reviews and deals on gear to help you become the best outdoors enthusiast!

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5) Clever Hiker

Whether you are new to hiking or just need to improve your essentials for your outdoor adventures look no further than Clever Hiker! They offer a great insight into the top picks or best products for your next adventure! We are particular fans of their “10 Best Fleece Jackets of 2022” guide. Clever Hiker was founded in 2012 by Dave Collins to make not only backpacking easier but also inspire you to travel! They offer skill-based tutorials while offering trip guides making your next adventure one you will never forget!

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6) She Dreams of Alpine

Do you love the outdoors but are scared to get out of your comfort zone and go exploring? Look no further than She Dreams of Alpine. Not only does Alison share her experience but she also offers an insight on some of the essentials for your next hiking adventure! Whether you need a gift guide or need a checklist to make sure you are covered for your next trip this blog is a perfect read for you!

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7) Mountain IQ

To learn all there is to know about Golf this is a good website. They have the live updated scores from the professionals for you to view on the top of the screen through the website and the have Are you looking for an adventure travel blog that has your needs covered for your next outdoor adventure, look no further than Mountain IQ! Mountain IQ was created in 2014 to help find you the perfect travel adventure! Not only do they offer the guides on the top places to hike but they also offer expert gear reviews! If you are looking for gear for your next camping climbing or hiking trip they got you covered! 

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8) Travel Sauro

Do you enjoy playing outdoor sports or love to do different adventures, look no further than Travel Sauro! Miguel created Travel Sauro in 2010 to be able to share his experiences with other people! Miguel has over 8 years of experience in travel while participating in outdoor sports sharing authentic information. Whether you need help finding the right gear for outdoor sports or adventures or just useful outdoor tips, Travel Sauro has you covered!

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9) Switchback Travel

Switchback Travel offers all things outdoor! Whether you have a passion for photography, need outdoor gear, or just want to go on outdoor adventures this blog is for you! David wanted to share the passion and love that he has for the outdoors! David Wilkinson created this blog to create an authentic inspirational experience for readers who love the outdoors!

10) Well Planned Journey

Do you love the outdoors but are unsure what to pack for your next hiking adventure? Julia loves the outdoors and shares her passion through her blog! Whether you are unsure of what to pack for your hike or are new to hiking and do not know where to start, Well Planned Journey got you covered! She offers gift guides, trip planning, packing lists, and gear for your next adventure!

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