The Cheapest, Most Clever Ways To Fix The Eyesores Around Your Home

We all have those things in our homes that are eyesores and make us cringe every time we see them. Whether it’s an annoying water mark on the coffee table or a wine stain on the couch that’s a souvenir from last year’s holiday party, we’ve found the cheapest, most clever ways to fix these eyesores — and more.

Did you know there’s a grout pen that can make the dirty bathroom grout you’ve been trying to scrub clean for months look new again? It costs less than $10 and is basically a marker you draw over old grout with. And speaking of bathrooms, if you can barely see your vanity because it’s covered with every hair styling tool ever invented, this over-the-cabinet-door organizer is a cheap and clever way to fix that.

We also love this sleek, airtight coffee canister that’ll look way nicer on your countertop than an open bag of coffee. It also happens to come with a handy stainless steel scoop and features a date tracker on the lid to make sure your favorite form of caffeine stays perfectly fresh. Scroll down for lots of other ways to update, upgrade and fix all those eyesores around your home.


A Water Mark Remover Cloth That’ll Make Your Wood Furniture Look Brand New Again

Instead of spending money refinishing — or buying — a new piece of furniture, use this cheap water mark remover cloth that’ll make any wood piece look brand new again. It gets rid of rings caused by heat, water or alcohol and conveniently conceals any unsightly nicks or scratches on a wood surface. The cloth also removes latex paint and permanent marker, all without stripping the surface of the furniture. At just $11, you can’t beat the price of this smart way to restore wood pieces in your home.


This Wood Polish To Restore Shine And Condition Your Furniture

This wood polish and conditioner comes highly rated with an overall 4.6-star rating from more than 34,000 shoppers who say they’ve been using it for years, and it works amazingly well to restore old, dull wood furniture. A little bit of the product goes a long way to achieve a soft luster, and keep the wood from drying out and fading. The conditioner is made with carnauba wax and beeswax, both of which work against deterioration and discoloration. This polish and conditioner blend enhances the beauty of natural wood grain and works well on items such as a dining table, dresser, kitchen cabinets, doors and more.


This Cable Management Box To Fix The Eyesore That Is Tangled Computer Cables

If you’re sick and tired of looking at (and tripping over!) cables all over your floors, get this clever cable management box. The sleek, lidded box is large enough to hold a power strip, surge protector and multiple cables, and has a nonslip base to keep it in place. Its space-saving design will help you organize all the messy cables around your home and also help minimize the risk of your kids or pets getting hurt. The box is available in three designs — black, white, and white with a wooden lid.


This Cheap Pleated Bed Skirt To Dress Up Your Bed — & Hide The Clutter Underneath It

Dress up your bed and hide all the clutter you’ve been shoving underneath it with this cheap (but elegant) pleated bed skirt. With more than 33,000 five-star ratings, it’s an Amazon fave — and such a simple, inexpensive way to fix a messy bed problem. The bed skirt is made from soft microfiber and has corner and kick-pleat detailing that give it a sophisticated, boutique hotel look. It hides a metal frame, storage bags and boxes under the bed, and a box spring, all for just $14.


These Command Cord Bundlers To Make Cords Look Neat & Organized

Hang and organize cords neatly thanks to these Command cord bundlers that work on multiple surfaces without causing any damage or leaving sticky residue on the wall. Each of the hooks can hold up to two pounds, and they don’t require any installation tools. Just clean the surface with rubbing alcohol to ensure proper adhesion, then stick it on the wall. Use it on everything from organizing cord in the garage to attaching a mixer cord to the back of its stand.


A Clever $3 Vinyl Protector To Protect The Wall Behind Your Door

Attach this $3 vinyl protector on the wall behind your door to protect it from the constant impact damage done by the door knob. This five-inch round disk has a smooth finish and adheres to most interior surfaces. It has a self-adhesive pack for easy application and has thousands of rave reviews such as this one: “Quick fix for a big problem! Literally took it out of the package and popped it on. Has saved me so much more damage to the wall every day with my dog. Best buy! Highly recommend!”


A White Tile Paint Marker To Fix The Dirty Grout Problem

If your grout is looking a little grimy, there’s no need to retile. Instead, get this genius white tile paint marker for $9, and it’ll look as good as the day it was installed. This fast-drying grout pen comes in two widths, and to use it, all you need to do is clean the tiled surface, shake the pen (with the cap on!) and prime the tip by pressing it down until it releases paint. Then, simply paint over the grout lines, wipe off any excess, let it fully dry and voila — your kitchen or bathroom grout will look as good as new.


This Bathroom Accessories Set That Makes Not-So-Pretty Items Like A Toilet Brush Look More Discreet

Let’s face it, some things aren’t exactly pretty — but they’re necessary. Make items such as a toilet brush or trash can look more discreet by purchasing this six-piece bathroom accessories set. The matching set includes a soap and lotion dispenser, a toothbrush holder, mouthwash cup, soap dish, trash can and a toilet brush. The stylish plastic set is sleek and understated, and an inexpensive way to coordinate all your bathroom essentials.


A Kitchen Sink Splash Guard To Protect The Back Of Your Sink From Getting Wet & Grimy

This kitchen sink splash guard might be the best $10 you spend the second you see how well it protects the back of your sink from constantly getting wet and grimy. The silicone mat fits around the faucet and has two direct draining points to direct any water that splashes back into the sink. It has a nonslip bottom so it stays in place and raised edges to keep water from spilling over onto your countertop. This clever kitchen accessory is hugely popular with Amazon shoppers. It’s that one thing you never knew you needed, just like this customer who wrote, “Didn’t know these were a thing, but it was exactly what we needed in our new house.”


These Cable Clips To Keep Cords Organized & Easy To Find

If the cables all over your desk have become a serious eyesore, these cable clips will help you organize and keep them neat in no time. They have a self-adhesive backing so you can attach them to multiple surfaces, from wood and plastic, to metal and glass. The organizers are made from silicone and are bendable to make inserting cables quick and easy.


This Hat Organizer That Fastens To A Clothing Hanger

This baseball cap organizer totally beats piling up caps on a closet shelf. Just hang your hats on the 10 rust-resistant clips that come with this organizer, and fasten the holder’s velcro over a standard hanger. Not only can you use this for hats, but the clips also work for socks, gloves, and other small accessories. Another pro of this organizer is that it keeps items from accumulating dust on top shelves.


This Pet Hair Remover That’ll Save You So Much Time & Money

Stop wasting money on disposable lint rollers and buy this pet hair remover that can be used over and over again to get your furry best friend’s hair off the sofa. This clever gadget is under $25 and is an obvious Amazon shopper favorite, because it has an overall 4.6-star rating from more than 127,000 (!!!) people. It’s easy to see why — it’s reusable and works effectively. Just roll it over the hair-covered surface and press a button to dispose of the hair.


A Toilet Brush In A Bronze Holder For A Stylish Bathroom Addition

Turn a utilitarian toilet brush into a stylish bathroom accessory thanks to this bronze brush and holder. The stainless steel set has an antique bronze finish that’s fingerprint resistant and easy to clean, and the sleek holder covers the entirety of the brush, leaving just the handle out for a discreet look. Get rid of the old plastic toilet brush that’s been an eyesore in your bathroom for way too long, and replace it with this inexpensive Amazon find.


These Paint Brush Pens To Touch Up Wall Marks So You Don’t Have To Hire A Painter

Make marks on your walls disappear without needing to hire a professional painter thanks to this set of paint brush pens. These pens are super clever — the applicators are empty, so you can fill them with the exact paint you have on your walls for a quick and contained touch-up. The paint blends right in, whether you use it on drywall, wood or other surfaces.


This Wrapping Paper Storage Container You Can Easily Stash Under The Bed

Keep your gift wrapping supplies neat and organized — and easily hide them under the bed — thanks to this genius wrapping storage container. The compact organizer can hold up to 20 standard rolls of wrapping paper and has two built-in clear vinyl pockets for ribbon, bows, scissors, tape and other wrapping essentials. To store it, close the adjustable straps to hold everything in place, zip up the slim container, and store it under the bed or on top of a shelf.


These Magic Sponge Erasers That Make Cleaning So Much Easier

Save yourself the arm workout from heavy scrubbing and get these magic sponge erasers that make cleaning so much easier. The sponges remove even the most stubborn stains, from piled-on dust to nasty grease. They’re made from a melamine resin material and can be cut down to size. To use, simply wet the sponge and wipe the dirty surface, then wash off the sponge under running water and reuse again.


These Cheap Felt Furniture Pads That Prevent Scratches All Over Your Floors

Stick these felt pads on dining chair, sofa and table legs to protect your floors from unsightly scratches. For just $11, you get a 133-piece value pack that includes nine different-shaped-and-sized felt pads, from small, round ones to a large rectangle. They have strong adhesive backing that sticks onto the furniture and doesn’t slide off but stays securely in place. The felt pads come in beige and brown options, and also in a clear cup version.


A Monitor Riser That Cleverly Doubles As A Desk Organizer

Organize your desk, store away office supplies, and raise your monitor all with this one $25 monitor stand riser with a drawer. The stand, available in black and white, will raise your monitor by close to five inches for an optimal viewing position, while providing two drawers to store pens, papers and documents. It comes pre-assembled, so all you need to do is take it out of the box and pop it under your monitor.


This Chic Glass Soap & Lotion Dispenser Set To Swap Out Ugly Plastic Ones

Swap out cheap-looking plastic dispensers for this chic glass soap and lotion dispenser set that’s only $14 but looks way more expensive. Each of the 16-ounce bottles comes with minimalist-style waterproof labels and has a rust-proof stainless steel pump. The bottles are easy to refill, and you’ll love how stylish they look next to your kitchen or bathroom sink.


This Fancy Decanter & Whisky Glass Set To Hide Tacky-Looking Bottles

Instead of displaying unsightly bottles, store alcohol in this sophisticated Italian crafted glass decanter that comes with a set of six whiskey glasses. The elegant crystal decanter has beautiful diamond-shaped cuts and is accessorized with a beveled flute topper. The matching tumbler glasses echo the same pattern, and tons of reviewers comment on the set’s amazing quality for the price, one writing, “It looks like super expensive crystal.”


These Affordable Clear Plastic Bins To Organize Your Fridge & Pantry

Declutter your fridge and pantry, get rid of those questionable condiment bottles you don’t even remember buying, and finally get everything neat and organized using these clear plastic bins. They’re made from sturdy plastic and have handles for easy carrying, and they’re stackable for convenient storage and organization. The clear construction means everything is visible, so you always know when it’s time to restock your fridge.


A Wood Repair Kit To Touch Up Scuffed Up Furniture & Floors

Touch up scratches on furniture and hardwood floors with this wood repair kit that’s a total steal considering all it includes. For $10, you get six markers and six wax sticks in a range of different wood shades, from maple to black, as well as a sharpener to keep the wax sticks nice and sharp. It’s a great investment that’ll save you a ton of money in the long run and keep your furniture looking like new. To use the kit, simply draw on the scratches in the wood with the markers and sticks, and allow to dry completely.


This Discreet Metal Holder To Store Extra Toilet Paper Rolls

Anyone with a tiny bathroom will appreciate this compact toilet paper roll holder that hooks over the toilet tank so it doesn’t take up any extra space in an already-small room. It’s cheap and simple, but makes such a difference, which is why it has thousands of positive reviews. The holder is tall enough to hold two rolls at a time and is made from rust-resistant stainless steel to withstand the moisture and humidity of a bathroom.


A Cabinet Door Organizer To Declutter Your Vanity & Hide All Your Hair Tools

Clean up your vanity and hide your straightener, curling iron and hair dryer in this handy over-the-door cabinet organizer. It maximizes storage space and has a clean stainless-steel finish for an elegant look. The storage organizer can also be mounted on the wall and is available in a countertop version as well, and for under $20, it’ll instantly get rid of that messy pile of hair styling tools.


A Red Wine Stain Remover That Works On Clothes, Upholstery, Carpet & More

Remove new and old red wine stains with a bottle of this red wine stain remover that has glowing reviews. One shopper even said, “This stuff should wear a cape cause it is a super hero with superpowers!” The commercial-grade formula works on multiple materials including clothing, carpets and upholstery, and it comes in a clever wine bottle design. Spray the remover on a stain, blot and rinse it, and wait for it to disappear.


These Rug-Style Pee Pads To Make This Doggy Training Tool Look Way Cuter

Instead of your usual dog pee pads, get these reusable, washable pee pad mats that look way cuter and are much more sustainable and practical. Each pee pad consists of a four-layer design to ensure high absorption and has nonslip backing for your pet’s safety. It absorbs strong odors and is machine washable, and it’ll save you a ton of money in the long run, because you won’t constantly be buying disposable pee pads.


These Rug Grippers That Keep Rugs From Curling & Sliding

Stop your rugs from sliding and the corners from curling using these adhesive rug grippers that work on various surfaces and are a cheap solution to the annoyance that is a rug that won’t stay in place. They’re made from stiff plastic to keep the corners from curling up, and they have a renewable sticky gel on the side that sticks to flooring. Wipe it down with some rubbing alcohol, and it’ll instantly renew the gel’s stickiness.


A Lid Organizer To Finally Organize That Scary-Looking Kitchen Cabinet

If your food container lids seem to multiply by the day, get this clever lid organizer that’ll take care of the messy Tupperware kitchen cabinet you’d rather not open. For just $20, this plastic container has five adjustable dividers so you can choose the size of each compartment to fit small, medium and large lids. It has more than 23,000 five-star ratings, and one happy customer said, “This is, hands down, the best purchase I’ve ever made on Amazon.”


This Glossy Marble Paper To Update Old Countertops Without A Full-On Renovation

Give outdated countertops a quick and cheap makeover using this glossy marble paper that looks super realistic and is a good alternative to real (and way more expensive) marble. The paper is self-adhesive so you don’t need any extra glue or tape, and it works on any smooth surface including countertops and various types of furniture. To apply, clean and dry the surface first, cut the marble paper to the size that you need, peel off the backing, and stick it down one portion at a time and get rid of any air bubbles. To give it a final finishing touch, caulk the edges between the countertop and backsplash to seal it and really make it look like the real deal.


A Laser Level So You Can Straighten Out All Those Crooked Picture Frames On The Wall

Straighten out those crooked picture frames on the walls that have been bugging you using this laser level. It’s basically an eight-foot tape measure and level in one, and has both metric and imperial measurements. The level light has an on-and-off switch, has both a horizontal and vertical beam, and is designed for indoor use only as the laser light tends to fade in outdoor light. It’s a super cheap tool that everyone should have in their toolbox — you won’t believe how often you’ll use it once you get it.


An Over-The-Door Organizer To Store Your Purses Neatly

Store your purses neatly and safely using this space-saving over-the-door organizer with clear pockets so you can easily grab what you need. It has six deep pockets (four large and two smaller ones) with clear fronts and two metal hooks that attach to the top of a closet or bedroom door. If your home lacks storage space and you don’t want to spend the money on extra furniture, this cheap organizer is the way to go.


This Bamboo Hamper To Take Care Of That Pile Of Laundry On The Bedroom Floor

For anyone tired of the messy floordrobe, get this bamboo hamper for a much nicer and neater way to gather dirty laundry. The clever hamper is made from bamboo slats and collapses for easy storage or travel. It has a fabric liner to protect clothes from snagging and a flip-top lid for a neat and tidy look. Nice hampers can get seriously pricy, which is why this one is such a good find — it’s affordable, adds a great touch of texture, and you’ll never have to look at that pile of laundry on the floor again.


A Slim Plastic Trash Can That’s Easy To Hide

Get this slim plastic trash can that’s easy to hide and a discreet way to dispose of trash. The sleek can comes in three colors and sizes, and its compact size is perfect for a bathroom, inside a kitchen cabinet, or under a sink. It’s under $35 and features a removable interior liner bucket that has handles for easy trash disposal and is made from durable, shatterproof plastic. Thousands of reviewers give it glowing reviews and say it’s especially convenient for small homes.


These Flexible Zippered Storage Bags So You Can Utilize The Space Under Your Bed

Hide clutter and utilize the space under your bed with these flexible zippered storage bags. They’re made from breathable polypropylene and have a clear top panel to quickly identify their contents, as well as reinforced handles so they can easily be pulled out. Each bag has a full zippered opening to make packing and unpacking convenient, and its slim profile makes it easy to slide under the bed or place on top of closet shelves.


A Coffee Canister That’ll Look So Much Nicer Than An Open Coffee Bag On Your Countertop

This airtight coffee canister is a sleek and functional way to store ground or whole coffee beans in a way that looks a lot nicer than an open bag of coffee. The canister comes with a stainless-steel scoop and has a date tracker on the lid to make sure your coffee always stays fresh, which every coffee aficionado will appreciate — especially at this price. It has a silicone base for sturdiness and is available in four colors: stainless steel, gray, red, and blue.


These Airtight Storage Containers To Make Your Pantry Look Like It Was Organized By A Pro

Make your pantry look like you hired a professional organizer thanks to this 14-piece food storage container set. For just $40, it includes five different container sizes and comes with a set of measuring spoons and cute chalkboard sticker labels. The containers’ silicone seals and four-sided locking lids provide total freshness for whatever you store in them, from pasta and cereal, to nuts and coffee beans.


A Chalk-Style Paint For A Cheap Way To Give New Life To Old Furniture

A fresh coat of this chalk-style paint is a low-cost way to breathe new life into an old piece of furniture. Unlike other paint, you basically don’t need to do any prep work on the surface you’ll be painting. It also dries quickly — give it 30 minutes and it’ll dry to a nice, chalky matte finish. Use the paint on wood, glass, metal or laminate, it’s a clever way to revive and transform an old dresser, nightstand or table.


A Battery Organizer To Take Care Of That Messy Junk Drawer

Clean out your junk drawer, and chances are, you’ll probably find more batteries than you ever knew you had. This clever battery storage organizer will help you store them neatly and safely. The double-sided case can hold up to 180 batteries of various sizes, and it includes a battery tester so you can discard those that don’t work anymore. It has a handle for easy carrying and can either be stored in a drawer or mounted on the wall.


A High-End Looking Set Of Glass Olive Oil Bottles To Replace Cheap Plastic Containers

Get rid of ugly plastic containers and store your olive oil in these beautiful amber dispensers that only cost $15 for a pair and will add such an elevated look to your countertops. The glass bottles come with a stainless-steel funnel for easy refills, as well as two dust cap and two flap cap spouts. They provide airtight and leak-proof storage to retain maximum freshness, and the spouts allow you to control the speed of oil flow so you always get the perfect amount, whether you’re sauteing vegetables or garnishing bowls of soup.

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