‘The stage is well-set for us to eclipse $100m next year,’ says CEO

“We’re finally able to move past a patchwork of several bakeries, which gave us a lot of versatility but was also really inefficient,”​ Bobo’s CEO TJ McIntyre told FoodNavigator-USA. 

“This new facility has everything under one roof at 123,000 square feet. It’s literally as big as a Costco. We believe that the stage is well-set for us to eclipse $100m next year and win consumers over in the cereal bar category, the nutrition bar category.”

The new facility will give Bobo’s around $120m in production capacity and plenty of room to expand over the next few years as the company meets pent-up consumer demand that the company has only been able to partially meet because of production limitations.

“Our top line will grow 45% this year and it could have been as high as 70% with the out of stocks,”​ said McIntyre. 

“And that is a really stressful and unfortunate position from which to run a business because we don’t spend time talking about white space, and as the CEO I’m not even spending time with my amazing selling organization because there’s not a great opportunity for us to ideate around opportunities and growth. Instead, we have to work so hard to fulfill what’s already coming to us.” 

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