The Top 3 Super Youth Recipes For Summer

Benefits of Super Youth

If you’re not already in the know, Super Youth Unflavored is the #1 best ingredient to have on hand. It’s a hydrolyzed collagen that packs a punch of anti-aging benefits, plus protein. The best part? It is completely tasteless and goes undetectable in just about everything. I mix it into dressings, brownies, smoothies, you name it!

The recipes I’m sharing today include a Honeydew Summer Smoothie Bowl, Healthy Bruschetta Pasta Salad, and Summer In A Cup Smoothie. They’re each delicious in their own way, and I’m sure you’ll be making them on repeat once you get a taste.

But first–let’s talk about Super Youth.

Super Youth collagen is a hydrolyzed collagen that contains the five main types of collagen you should be looking for in an anti-aging supplement. These powerful amino acids can help to:

  • Reduce fine lines & wrinkles [1]
  • Improve joint mobility [2]
  • Smooth cellulite [1]
  • Diminish signs of sun damage [1]
  • Increase recovery rate [3]
  • & More!

Taking daily collagen can help to reduce the signs of aging, and help support your skincare goals! I’ve heard of women who say it helps their face glow, their skin feel tighter, and even reduce acne scars. But collagen is so much more than just a beauty supplement! It is also great for post-workout to support recovery and improve joint mobility.

If there’s one thing you buy this summer, let it be Super Youth! You can hide it in virtually any recipe, and it’s going to help you look and feel your best in no time!

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