Weird But Genius Products That Get The Most Upvotes On Reddit

This smart reusable water leak alarm can help you ease your mind as a homeowner. “I bought a 3 pack like a decade ago and I have them under my kitchen sink, next to my clothes washer and my sump pump,” wrote Reddit user u/SummerLover69. “If water shows up in those areas, it makes a sound like a smoke alarm. A cheap option that can save [tens] of thousands in damages.”

Use it in multiple locations in your home, like your bathroom, under your sink, or near your water heater, to sense water pooling before the situation gets serious. The small device is just over 3-inches in diameter to discretely hide out of sight, while providing peace of mind. It sounds like a loud, audible alarm, which will run for 24 hours, to warn you about leaks.

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