What Is Kyle Richard’s Husband Mauricio Umansky’s Net Worth?

The return of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is imminent, and that means it’s also the return of one of the most solid star couples, Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky. Though the show centers on Richards and her interpersonal relationships, Umansky and their four daughters also appear on the Bravo series occasionally (and Umansky has been deemed one of the “hottest Househusbands” from the franchise). Umansky is now poised to star in his own reality show on Netflix titled Buying Beverly Hills, which focuses on his lucrative real estate business.

While Richards certainly makes a good living for herself, Umansky’s career is nothing to scoff at. Here’s a look into how the burgeoning reality star makes his money.

3 Ways Mauricio Umansky Made His Millions

1. Real Estate Sales

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Umansky’s real estate sales are the biggest driver of his net worth. He is the CEO of The Agency, which he established in 2011 and specializes in luxury properties in Southern California (think neighborhoods like Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, Malibu, and Brentwood). Umansky reportedly averages more than $150 million in property sales each year, which doesn’t include the commission from the agents that work with him at The Agency.

Umansky told Worth that his first real estate job earned him over $200,000 in commissions. His first property sale was worth $7.5 million while his biggest sale went for a casual $42 million.

Prior to real estate, Umansky’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to start a clothing brand, which he sold at the age of 26. Chatting with Worth, he claimed he “started the fad of oversized T-shirts on girls wearing leggings.”

2. Real Estate Ownership

The sales numbers don’t include the real estate that he owns himself. After leaving Bel-Air and selling their mansion for $6.1 million, he and his family live in a 10,000-square-foot home in Encino, California. Umansky didn’t specify exactly how much the property cost them, but he told Ventura Blvd that the same type of home would have gone for $45 million in Los Angeles proper. “You get a lot more for your money in the Valley. The land is amazing. We just love the comfort of living here. Shopping is easier, parking is easier, life is a bit easier. So the decision [to leave LA] was originally driven by real estate,” he said.

Umansky and Richards also own a vacation home in La Quinta, California. The almost 6,000-square-foot home cost them $2.35 million when they purchased it in 2014. A former vacation home in Aspen sold for $7.75 million in September 2022.

3. Reality Stardom

The reason Umansky has become a household name isn’t his real estate career, but rather his appearance on reality TV. He is the husband of Kyle Richards, one of the stars of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and is set to star on his own Netflix real estate reality show called Buying Beverly Hills.

Umansky’s salaries for appearing on the shows have not been disclosed, but we know that Kyle is reportedly making $500,000 per season on RHOBH (though other reports say she is making closer to $270,000 per season).

What Is Mauricio Umansky’s Net Worth?


From starting in clothing to becoming a modern real estate mogul, Umansky’s entrepreneurial attitude has led him to a nine-figure net worth — and his wife is reportedly worth about the same.

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