You Could Look So Much Better If You Tried Any Of These Cheap, Easy Things

I’m all for doing things that help me feel better — but I’m also a huge fan of both efficiency and accessibility. A beauty trend or a self-care practice might promise the world, but if it takes all day and costs a massive chunk of my paycheck, odds are, I won’t be partaking. That goes double if I actually have to book an appointment. (I guess I should add “solo introvert time” to the list of things I appreciate.)

Luckily, the internet is filled to the brim with inexpensive, easy ways to look more put-together, and you won’t even need to leave your house for them. Yes, that includes throwing on a meeting-appropriate outfit that feels like pajamas — but it also includes brilliant beauty products that simplify your routine, so you can spend less time getting ready, yet look more rested, composed, and stylish. Finally, this list has a few simple, fast things you can do to boost your overall well-being, and judging by their thousands of five-star ratings on Amazon, they really do work.

Scroll on to discover cheap, easy things that I’ve either used myself or that reviewers can’t stop raving about. In short, you can look and feel so much better if you…


Got Ready With The Right Mirror

If you’re still getting ready in dark bathroom with a large sink in between you and the mirror, reviewers report that “your life will change” on account of this backlit vanity mirror. In addition to its 36 LED lights that illuminate your face, it also has three different magnification panels for more precise grooming and cosmetic application. Finally, since it folds up and runs on either a USB cord or AAA batteries, it’s portable, compact, and easy to store.


Incorporated Dry Brushing Into Your Routine

Dry brushing is the process of gently dragging a soft-bristle brush across the body, which not only exfoliates away dead skin, but is also believed to stimulate your lymphatic system to remove excess waste. This body brush exfoliator can be used in the shower if desired, but its soft bristles, woven hand strap, and larger surface area are also well-suited for dry brushing. One reviewer wrote that they “can’t believe the difference. […] Here I am a week and a half later with the smoothest skin. 10/10 buy this!”


Cool Down Your Skin With Icing & A Jade Roller

This $13 facial care duo includes a freezable gel face mask for skin icing and a jade roller to stimulate circulation. The former is reusable and packed with temperature-retaining gel beads (that can also be microwaved for a warming treatment), while the latter has genuine jade on either side in two sizes for all-over or more targeted rolling. When combined, reviewers have seen “some great results reducing redness” and “under-eye puffiness.”


Primed Skin With Rose Oil

This rose oil nourishing treatment is so gentle, even those with sensitive skin are singing its praises. “Heavy creams or even lotions meant for sensitive skin break me out in an instant,” one reviewer wrote. “Not this. […] This has evened out my skin tone, restored balance, and made me GLOW.” The genuine rose extract smooths, balances, and refreshes, while the squalane adds moisture without irritating or clogging pores.


Layered Your Necklaces Without Tangles

Layered necklaces are very in right now, but the trend often results in tangled, knotted chains. This necklace layering clasp tackles that annoyance with its brilliant design, which attaches to three different necklaces at once. It then effortlessly connects in the middle with a strong magnet that can support up to 4 pounds, and you can get it in silver or gold to match your existing jewelry collection. “Purchased as a gift for my mama, who loves to wear what she calls a ‘neck-mess,’” one reviewer wrote. “She uses the clasps almost daily, now able to layer her jewelry without fear of tangles and knots in the chains.”


Exfoliated Your Lips Before Applying Lipstick

Even the best lipstick brands have a tendency to crack after a few hours, but according to reviewers, “This scrub smoothes out the surface and moisturizes so well.” The Hawaiian cane sugar removes dead skin, while the kukui oil and shea butter restore hydration and even out the texture. The result? Lipstick does not “feather [or] clump” — and bare lips “look full and healthy,” too.


Prepared For Inevitable Stains

I carry around a bottle of this Emergency Stain Rescue everywhere I go. So far, I’ve used it to remove stains from my own clothing as well as a pet mess from a carpet and dirt stains from a bride’s wedding dress, among other things. While its formula is powerful and fast on everything from ketchup to deodorant marks, it’s also safe on most fabrics, pH-neutral, skin-friendly, and won’t harm kids or pets. (You can also purchase individually wrapped wipes for even more portability.)


Got Yourself A Facial Steamer

After incorporating this NanoSteamer into their routines, reviewers reported that their pores looked smaller, their faces looked clearer, and their skin care products penetrated more effectively. That said, others have used it to lessen headaches or to provide nasal relief when they’re stuffed up from a cold or allergies. Its three-in-one design humidifies, warms a towel, and turns water into negatively charged ionic particles — plus you even get a free stainless steel extraction set with each order.


Polished Your Jewelry More Often

You don’t need to go to a jeweler in order to get your jewelry polished. This Simple Shine cleaning kit comes with everything you need to do it at home. (Read: It might actually get done.) The formula is safe on gold, precious metals, porous stones, diamonds, and treated gemstones, while the included brush makes it easy to get into all those nooks and crannies. Reviewers wrote that there’s “no overpowering chemical scent” and their jewelry “looks brand new again.”


Hung Your Clothes On Non-Slip Hangers

For years, I still had cheap, plastic, mismatched hangers from my college dorm room — but when I finally upgraded to matching velvet hangers, several things happened: My clothes stopped slipping onto the floor thanks to the textured coating. My hangers stopped snapping. My closet looked uniform and organized, plus I could fit way more in it (without my clothes wrinkling) thanks to the hangers’ streamlined profiles. These ones come in a pack of 20 for a great price, and you can choose between six different color options.


Wore Low-Maintenence Earrings That Only Look Expensive

Available in gold, rose gold, and silver, these chunky hoop earrings are a no-brainer for everyday wear. Why? They’re nickel-free, hypoallergenic, and plated in gold or sterling silver, so even though they’re super affordable, they “look very expensive,” according to reviewers. They’re also “lightweight,” they “don’t leave [sensitive ears] irritated,” and they’re “comfortable [enough] to sleep in.”


Switched Out Your Bedding For Satin

This satin sheet set has earned itself an overall 4.3-star rating from more than 25,000 reviewers. It comes in tons of colors and sizes, plus its microfiber-satin construction is durable and affordable at the same time. But the best reason to switch over? Next to genuine silk, satin is one of the gentlest sleeping materials to prevent skin dryness and hair breakage: “Love the way it feels on my skin. Keeps my hair looking nice and feeling soft,” one reviewer wrote.


Used A Makeup Sponge For Smoother, Faster Application

The Beauty Blender changed the game in terms of makeup application; suddenly, people’s foundation looked air-brushed and flawless in less time — and they were able to use less of it, too. That said, these value makeup sponges work “just as well” as the brand-name ones, all while costing about $1 each. “I will never go back,” one reviewer wrote. “Just bouncing/lightly pressing it around my face gives an airbrushed finish.”


Easily Hemmed Your Clothing To The Right Height

A properly-hemmed article of clothing can make all the difference. Suddenly, your clothes look tailor-made, which helps you to look especially put-together — but getting clothes professionally altered is definitely expensive, so consider this iron-on hem tape, instead. Just measure your ideal length, cut the tape to size, fold the hem over, and iron it on. The material is durable enough for washing, great to secure raw edges, and will move with your garment for a natural-looking finish.


Added A Comfy Yet Elevated Blazer To Your Wardrobe

Amazon reviewers have called this blazer the “perfect little jacket” because even though it looks fitted and put-together, it does so “without the constrictions of tailoring.” It’s also comfortable, stretchy, lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, and feels like you’re “wearing a cardigan.” You can get it in just about any color you could want, all with three-quarter-length sleeves and an elongated lapel that boost its elevated appearance.

  • Available sizes: 4-6 — 20-22


Treated Yourself While Moisturizing

Most reviewers have bought this whipped body butter set as a gift, but whether you choose to keep or give it, it “smells amazing,” has a lovely texture, and is “very good at keeping your skin moisturized.” However, if you’re searching for something that actually has you looking forward to your daily moisturizing routine, this set is a great way to treat yourself. Each one comes with 36 ounces of moisturizer in six different aromatherapy scents, and all of them are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and packed with shea butter, vitamin E, and jojoba oil.


Conditioned Your Damaged Hair With Keratin

Especially if your hair is dry or chemically treated, your everyday conditioner might not be doing enough to repair split ends, smooth flyaways, and prevent breakage. When used twice a week, this Vitamins Keratin Deep Conditioner hair mask, on the other hand, “works miracles” and leaves hair “MUCH softer and shinier.” Ingredients like keratin, collagen, castor oil, and argan oil both smooth hair now and prevent breakage later, plus it works on any hair type (thick, thin, curly, or straight) without weighing strands down.


Simplified Your Makeup Routine With An Eyeshadow Stick

Since switching to this Julep eyeshadow stick, my eye-makeup application process has gotten a whole lot easier. I just line my eye with the highly pigmented formula (which glides right on but still stays in place since it’s cream-to-powder), and then I blend it with the built-in sponge smudger on the other side. In my opinion, it deserves its 20,000-plus five-star ratings because it lasts all day without creasing or drying out my skin. It also comes in loads of different color options and finishes including both mattes and shimmers.


Detangled Your Hair Without Breakage

Sold in five different colors, the Fiora Naturals detangling brush has earned itself a 4.7-star rating from over 8,500 reviewers. Three distinctive features set it apart: The first is the spiral vent design, which flexes with your scalp. The second is the special bristles, which gently separate strands instead of pulling on them to remove knots. The third is the fact that it’s made from biodegradable plant starch, so it’s eco-friendly as well as effective.


Cleansed & Exfoliated With A Rotating Brush

“My face has honestly never felt so clean,” one reviewer wrote in regard to this facial cleansing brush. Another said that it “really makes it easy to take off sunscreen as well as makeup.” With each order, you get seven interchange heads that cleanse the face, remove residue, boost circulation, and even exfoliate away calluses on your heels. The brush itself runs on batteries and has two speeds for its 360-degree rotation. While it comes in 13 colors, not one of them will cost you more than $10.


Combined Your Skin Care, Sun Screen & Foundation

Experts recommend that you apply sunscreen underneath your daily makeup, but it’s difficult to find a formula that won’t cause breakouts or change your skin’s texture. CeraVe’s tinted sunscreen protects your face with mineral-based broad-spectrum SPF-30, moisturizes with hyaluronic acid, soothes skin with niacinamide, and provides sheer coverage, all in one easy step. No wonder reviewers are “obsessed” and have called it their “holy grail” as well as the “best substitute for makeup.”


Switched To Comfy, Seamless, Affordable Underwear

Why are these Fruit of the Loom underwear replacing reviewers’ pricier panties? They’re seamless for invisible wear underneath basically any outfit, they’re stretchy and tag-free for all-day comfort, and they’re just about $2 a pair. They also come in seven multipack options filled with all different color combinations, including neutrals, patterns, and bright colors.

  • Available sizes: 5 — 13


Drank More Water Throughout The Day

When you drink more water throughout the day, just about every bodily system moves more smoothly, from your digestive system to your muscular system. After using this AQUAFIT half-gallon water bottle for a few days, however, you might also experience brighter eyes and clearer skin, all thanks to the power of hydration. It has time markers and liquid measurements on the side of the bottle to keep you on track, plus the handle and the flip-up straw lid make it easier to travel and sip. Get it in tons of cool colors, all with an included cleaning brush.


Tried A Foaming Bubble Clay Mask

The foaming bubble clay mask trend hit social media platforms a few years ago, but according to reviewers, it’s still “fun” and effective “for drawing out impurities.” This Elizabeth Mott carbonated bubble clay mask uses charcoal, CO2-infused clay, and plant extracts to bubble deep into pores. “Since I started using it my skin has been clearing up, softer, and looks so much healthier!” another reviewer wrote.


Removed Wrinkles Without An Iron

This just in: You don’t need access to an iron or a dryer in order to remove the wrinkles from your clothing. The Laundress Crease Release is a wrinkle-remover spray that you can use on just about any fabric, from dress shirts to curtains. A few spritzes and “it’s like magic watching the wrinkles literally disappear,” one reviewer wrote. What’s more, the spray has a clean, uplifting scent, so clothes smell as freshly laundered as they look.


Groomed Your Brows With Eyebrow Pomade

Thick, natural brows have finally gotten the attention they deserve, but if you’re looking for an easy way to groom them, the Ownest eyebrow soap kit is a fan-favorite for a reason: Just use the flexible included brushes to apply the transparent, long-lasting pomade to your brows. They’ll look thicker and more defined, but the formula will also keep hairs in place and facing one direction all day long, despite sweat, rain, or wind.


Found A Wireless Bra That You Can Wear Every Day

Even those with bigger busts report that the Calvin Klein Invisibles triangle bralette “provides enough support and coverage” for everyday wear. However, it’s totally wireless, tag-free, and lined with removable molded cups, making it so comfortable, reviewers “can sleep in it” — and some do so every night. Most importantly, its smoothing fabric and non-slip, adjustable straps can be effortlessly worn underneath most outfits, whether you’re running errands or working.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — X-Large


Combined Your Blush & Lip Tint

For the makeup minimalist or the on-the-go applier, there’s this brilliant two-in-one cream stick from Palladio. The formula is breathable, blendable, moisturizing, nourishing, and (the most revolutionary part) can be used on either your lips or your cheeks to add a bright, healthy-looking glow. What’s more, the six color options are all universally designed to complement any skin tone, and the stick applicator travels well and stores easily in your makeup bag.


Lit Your Selfies — Or Zoom Calls — Better

So far, everything on this list has been designed to help you look better IRL — but what about in your photos? In that case, there’s this selfie ring light, which is rechargeable and clips right onto just about any phone. The 36 LEDs then illuminate your selfies with your choice of three different intensities. The resulting pictures look “so much better,” almost like a “professional photo.” A few buyers have even clipped it to their laptops for Zoom calls!


Secured Your Hairstyles With A Finishing Stick

If you spend time and effort styling your hair just so, only to watch it frizz, curl, or fall out of its style throughout the day, these finishing sticks are a “life-saver,” according to reviewers. The non-greasy gel is easy to apply with a mascara-like wand and will invisibly lock styles in place to reduce frizz and flyaways. It’ll also secure shorter strands into up-dos and keep bangs falling correctly for up to 24 hours.


Hid Your Socks Underneath The Collars Of Your Shoes

A ‘90s trend you don’t have to bring back? Visible tube socks with your sneakers, loafers, or dress shoes. Fortunately, these no-show socks provide moisture-wicking comfort and breathability without a trace. While their minimalist, low-cut design remains invisible underneath the collar of your shoes, their cotton-spandex material has special silicone grips to keep them from sliding down while you walk. “These are literally the only no-show socks I’ve ever worn that don’t slip down the back of my heel,” one reviewer wrote.


Switched To A Liquid Lipstick That Lasts All Day

I didn’t understand the hype behind this Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink liquid lipstick until I tried it myself. Despite eating, drinking, and hours upon hours of wear, this stuff simply does not come off. (Yes, “even if you go swimming, eat burgers, and make out with someone,” one reviewer wrote.) Its matte finish is designed to last up to 16 hours and there are countless color options to choose from. Be warned, though; it’s so waterproof, you’ll need a powerful makeup remover to get it off.


Applied A Top Coat That Shortens Drying Time

Whenever I do my nails at home, I’m the type of person who gets impatient, goes to bed before they’re dry, and wakes up with imprints of my bedding on my nail polish. Excuse Me’s Quick DrySuper top coat aims to prevent that (as well as chips, smudges, and dulling) with its special formula that “dries instantly” and “leaves a high-gloss finish,” according to reviewers. It also helps a “manicure last longer,” which is why buyers call it the “best top coat” they’ve “ever used.”


Stayed Prepared In Style

Whether you’re working out, traveling, running errands, or out for a night on the town, you’ll need a few essentials to keep you prepared and looking great. Luckily, this adjustable fanny pack is as cute as it is functional, and it comes in just about any color (including glitter, fleece, quilted, and metallic designs). Wear it around your waist or as a cross-body; either way, it’s lightweight, comfortable, secure, and roomy enough for your must-haves.


Wore A Clip That Actually Held Your Hair In Place

Among other ‘90s styles, the claw-clip trend is making its comeback. Fortunately for those with thick, heavy hair, clip designs have much improved since then, so you can say officially goodbye to brittle plastic and weak springs. These large claw clips are a number-one best-seller because of their oversized designs, non-slip matte coating, durable materials, and strong springs. In this order, you get a pack of eight neutral-colored clips, and reviewers are thrilled: “This is the first time a clip has actually stayed in my hair holding it all up!”


Locked In Your Makeup For 12+ Hours

If you’re planning for a long day or the weather is just rough, locking your makeup in place gives you one less thing to worry about. The MILK Hydro Grip primer has been called “by far the best,” an “amazing product,” and “worth the money,” because it helps reviewers’ makeup to “look flawless and last all day.” The hydrating gel formula locks your makeup down to prevent fading and transferring, even despite sweat and humidity. “I do 12 hour shifts and this primer makes my make up lasts till after work,” another wrote.


Nourished Your Cuticles & Nails

If you want healthier nails, you’ll also need to take care of your cuticles, and according to its cult-favorite status on Amazon (which includes over 110,000 reviews), this Cuccio cuticle oil is the way to do it. Its advanced, vitamin-infused formula smells incredible, melts into skin without grease, deeply hydrates damaged cuticles, and even makes nails stronger and shinier. “I call this my magic oil,” one reviewer wrote. Another said, “My nails have never looked better. Also it smells amazing.”


Fully Removed Your Makeup Before Bed

I, like upwards of 85,000 reviewers before me, was surprised by how well these Neutrogena makeup remover wipes worked. I first used them at a hotel while I was traveling, and I couldn’t believe how thoroughly they removed all of my wedding-guest makeup and how soft and moisturized my sensitive skin felt afterward (especially when compared to the harsh hotel bar soap). They’re alcohol-free, yet powerful enough to tackle waterproof mascara, lipstick, and sunscreen. Their individually-wrapped design also makes them especially handy when you’re on the move, and they’re plant-based and compostable for eco-friendliness.


Treated Your Chapped Lips With More Than Balm

Sometimes lip balm just isn’t cutting it. In that case, thousands of buyers trust this e.l.f. conditioning lip exfoliator to both gently remove chapped skin and deeply nourish and rejuvenate the skin underneath. “I’ve tried so many products and home remedies, but this is truly the best result I’ve had in over 20 [years] of dealing with chronically dry/peeling lips,” one reviewer raved. Since the formula comes in a lipstick-like tube, it’s both easy to apply and great for travel.


Stopped Using A Standard Towel To Dry Your Hair

If you’re still drying your hair with a rough cotton towel, do yourself a favor and switch to a hair wrap instead. For one, it’s super absorbent, yet not as heavy, so it actually stays put on your head — especially since this one has a coconut shell button and elastic loop. For another, the special charcoal fiber material is extremely soft to reduce friction, static, and breakage. According to reviewers, it “speeds up the dry time exponentially” and their “hair is so much more healthy.”

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